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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping


We want your recipes

Do you have a favorite recipe that you use for your Lummi Island Wild seafood? Would you be willing to share it with us? We will try it out, and publish the best ones on our website. You’ll get all the glory and fame and a 10% discount on your more »

How To Cook Live Dungeness Crab!

If you prefer to skip the cooking, we offer Whole Cooked Crab, Crab Meat, and Dungeness Crab Legs — simply reheat and enjoy.     Do you know how to prepare and cook live crab? Our friends over at Epicurious have a great guide, here’s a primer: PREPARATION FOR LIVE more »

Seven Salmon with Chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn

Explore the flavor profiles of Lummi Island Wild Salmon with award winning chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn. Tasting notes and side by side comparisons for seven distinct wild salmon from the Pacific Northwest. Join us on this tour de force of salmon samplings, discovering the secret to culinary success. more »