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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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Spot Prawn Tails

(25 customer reviews)

1 lb Spot Prawn Tails- sweet, succulent and OMG good!


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Our spot shrimp, also called spot prawns, are caught by Lummi Nation tribal fishers working the deep, cold water of the Salish Sea. They are some of the best we have ever tasted with a sweet, buttery flavor beyond Dungeness crab or lobster. The Lummi are the Lhaq’temish, the People of the Sea. The tribe has fished these waters since time immemorial. For Lummis, fishing is more than a living, it’s a way of life. We are proud to partner with quality focused tribal fishing families to offer you these frozen fresh, wild spot prawns.

Thaw spot prawns under refrigeration immediately before use. For best result remove desired quantity of shrimp from resealable bag and place in refrigerated bowl to thaw.

Small Spot Prawns – 1.5-2 inch average size – Approximately 40 Prawn Tails per 1 lb bag

Jumbo Spot Prawns – 2.5-3 inch average size – Approximately 25 Prawn Tails per 1 lb bag


These go well cooked with lots of garlic. In a hot cast iron skillet add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, add the prawns, then cook a couple of minutes on each side until the shells are opaque. Toss with chopped garlic and serve.

25 reviews for Spot Prawn Tails

  1. JMB (verified owner)

    Excellent taste (we made shrimp & grits), but be prepared for a long prep time: removing shells and deveining.

  2. M Kim (verified owner)

    This wasn’t the best spotted prawns. They were to be jumbo. They were small, and rather fell apart/mushy once they were thawed and when cooked, it had unwanted smell and taste that I normally don’t get from spotted prawns.

    • Ian

      Thank you for your feedback – we’ll be reaching out to follow up with you.

  3. Dave G (verified owner)

    Spot Shrimp are excellent. Great flavor.

  4. Eliz (verified owner)

    Pleasant texture and taste. I was surprised that they were not all closer in size. Peeling them before cooking was difficult. Superior to grocery store bagged frozen shrimp.

  5. RM (verified owner)

    The shrimp is sweet, delicious and favorable. And the customer service is top notched as always.

  6. Steve Hisamoto (verified owner)

    Very tasty and fresh. Shrimp were on the small size.

  7. Albert Serafino Agosti (verified owner)

    Amazing how sweet,outstanding

  8. Pamela Baze (verified owner)

    These prawns are super yummy – I’ve ordered them twice now and plan to keep ordering as long as they are available. The king salmon and halibut are also top quality. And the environmental and customer care make Lummi my fish go to!

  9. Marlene Ricketts (verified owner)

    These are delicious, sweet and oh so flavorful. The best shrimp I’ve ever tasted.

  10. Dave (verified owner)


  11. Julia Babina (verified owner)

    I love shrimps, but could never tolerate the “ocean” taste, especially prevalent in more commercial batches. These are super sweet, full of flavor, unbelievably fresh and absolutely the best prawns I have ever tasted! Bought the 2nd time 2 weeks after the first purchase and can’t wait to explore new recipes!

  12. Lisa (verified owner)

    Outrageously delicious! I’ve never tasted shrimp this flavorful and tender. Tasted like lobster. I cooked it scampi-style with butter and garlic served over sautéed zucchini. I recommend keeping your preparation simple so the beautiful flavors shine through.

  13. Pheme (verified owner)

    These prawns were amazing. Had them in a white wine, lemon cream sauce with pasta. Delicious!

  14. Susanne Guthrie (verified owner)

    Sweet and tender

  15. Marilyn P (verified owner)

    These spot prawns were delicious! Love the slightly sweet taste and the freshness.

  16. Judith Skartvedt (verified owner)

    Divine! Way too good to do anything except devein and saute with shell on in olive oil and kosher salt—preferably a cast iron pan — throw a handful of chopped garlic in when you turn them over. After devouring put shells back in pan with water and reduce. Strain and now you now have equally divine stock for your next pasta or risotto! These are the best shrimp I have eaten anywhere in the world!

  17. Dennis H

    These are delicious!!

    Are these trapped or netted?

    • Sierra Montoya

      Our spot prawns are caught in a pot fishery, by Lummi Nation tribal fishers working the 300-foot deep, cold water of the Salish Sea.
      We’re so glad you’re enjoying them!

  18. Timothy Herrmann (verified owner)

    We live in ND, so the only fresh fish is walleye that I catch. We bought salmon and spot prawns. Had the prawns tonight. Did them on the grill and they were amazing!!! Such a nice, succulent and sweet flavor. Will be buying again!!

  19. Melissa Snell (verified owner)

    I’ve always wanted to try spot prawns. OH MY WORD!!! FANTASTIC!! Customer for life!

    Happy, from San Antonio

  20. Derek (verified owner)

    Amazing service with a quality you can taste!
    I’m hooked. 😉

  21. Derek (verified owner)

    The minute you put one of these babies in your mouth you can taste the quality. I don’t think I will ever buy grocery store shrimp again. This is deliciously fresh product.

  22. rndibble (verified owner)

    These were quite good. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and I can’t get good prawns. These had a great flavor and none of that chemical taste!

  23. knockoutmd (verified owner)

    I am not unhappy with the service, the delivery was timely. However, I ordered 6 lbs of spot prawn tails and what I received were three boxes of whole prawns (heads on). I’m not completely disappointed with it, I am sure that I will enjoy them. I have not cooked any yet. I have not had whole spot prawns yet, as I order tails due to the enzyme that can cause a problem with the taste. I want to support you, so I will try them and maybe I’ll really like them.

    • Sierra Montoya

      We offer Spot Prawn Tails caught in the Salish Sea, and Whole Spot Prawns from Alaska. You really can’t go wrong with either but sounds like we mixed up your order – sorry ’bout that. Please let us know if we can do something to make this right – our guarantee is you’ll love our seafood!

  24. Jeanne Kaidy (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Sweet, almost like lobster, and tender. I toss them with pasta in a lemon, cream and basil sauce.

  25. Jean Amico (verified owner)

    These prawns are delicious!!

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