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Seven Salmon with Chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn

“The secret to Willows Inn salmon is Lummi Island Wild and your great salmon.”

Explore the flavor profiles of Lummi Island Wild Salmon with award winning chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn. Tasting notes and side by side comparisons for seven distinct wild salmon from the Pacific Northwest. Join us on this tour de force of salmon samplings, discovering the secret to culinary success.

Blaine’s Tasting Notes

Skagit River King over 15 lbs

“It was so good. It had a really nice flake to it. A rich mouth feel. Just juicy. Kind of like more full of water than the other ones. When you cook it, it’s like, so moist. Not a really distinct texture of the various flakes. More that the fish in general had its own texture.” 

Samish River King over 15 lbs

“A different color, more pale. More flake to it, but it wasn’t as moist. A little more dry mouth feel to it than #1 (Skagit River King). Had a nicer color.” More…

Lummi Island Reefnet Coho

“Amazing. Everything about it, perfect smoked salmon. It wasn’t a dense texture fish. More like a softer, moister fish where you can use a spoon to just cut through and eat it. Very delicious and light.” More…

Samish River King under 15 lbs

“A little bit more pale. Probably the cleanest flavor, just a really pure salmon flavor. It didn’t even taste like ‘fish.’ Very fresh fish that just seems like ocean water. This one had a little bit of a loose texture, just less firm. A little bit more moist mouth feel.” More…

Baker Lake Sockeye

“Really good color. This was a “medium” of the fish we tried here as far as texture. It was a medium textured fish, a nice flake but also really moist and soft. That was the dryest fish to me. It was still really moist, but the mouth feel of it was more dry than the other ones.” More…

Samish River Coho

“Really good color. Really nice clean flavor. More of a medium texture. I would say you could get the texture of the actual fish, the graininess of it in a nice way.” More…

Alaskan Wild Sockeye

“The most colorful fish, a really striking color. The most dense firm flake of all of them. It seemed really lean. Still moist, but it almost sheared the different flakes of the fish. Maybe the most unique in the texture of the fish and the color.” More…