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We are looking for affiliate marketers with a commitment to sustainability, health and wellness


The Lummi Island Wild Affiliate program brings together influential people from many walks of life who believe in sustainable food practices and great tasting fish or seafood.  

This is a great opportunity for chefs, influencers, and foodies to connect their audience with quality sustainable food opportunities that support local fishing communities in the PNW. 

 We are looking for others who see reefnetting as a sustainable fisheries practice and support the work of Lummi Island Wild as fervently as we do. 

Our affiliates love working with us because they know that wild salmon is to the Salish Sea what the wild buffalo was to the Great Plains: a necessary, iconic, and deeply integral part of our Northwest environment. 

If you would like to be one of our food affiliates, fill out the information below. For more information on our affiliate program, check out our affiliate program basics. 

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