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The Lummi Island Wild Ambassador program brings together influential people from many walks of life who believe in reefnetting as a sustainable fisheries practice and support the work of Lummi Island Wild as fervently as we do. They know that wild salmon is to the Salish Sea what the wild buffalo was to the Great Plains: a necessary, iconic, and deeply integral part of our Northwest environment.

Each Lummi Island Wild ambassador has been out on the gears fishing with us, and have witnessed first-hand the respect and care we show for our salmon. This first hand knowledge deepens the ambassador’s understanding of the relationship with fish that is established as a part of the reefnetting process. Our ambassadors become advisers to our leadership team, and we utilize their various expertise to improve our operation and develop or improve communities dedicated to sustainable fisheries.

If you would like to be one of our ambassadors, contact us using the link provided. Ambassadors receive many perks both in season and outside of it. All we require is that each ambassador tell our story wherever appropriate.

Lummi Island Wild Ambassador - Greg Atkinson

Greg Atkinson

Author & Chef

Restaurant Marche
Bainbridge Island, WA

LIW Ambassador - Kurt Beardslee

Kurt Beardslee


Wild Fish Conservancy
Duvall, WA

Lummi Island Wild - Ambassador - Robert Fong

Robert Fong

Chef & Educator

Community Food Co-Op
Bellingham, WA

LIW Ambassador - Mark Kurlansky

Mark Kurlansky


Cod, Salt, Paper +30 books
New York, NY

Lummi Island Wild - Ambassador - Jon Rowley

Jon Rowley

Food Consultant & Taste-Maker

Taylor Shellfish
Seattle, WA

LIW Ambassador- Bruce Sherman

Bruce Sherman

Chef & Owner

North Pond
Chicago, Ill

LIW Ambassador - Holly Smith

Holly Smith

Chef & Owner

Café Juanita & Poco Carretto
Kirkland, WA

LIW Ambassador - Jonathan Sundstrom

Jonathan Sundstrom

Chef & Owner

Lark & Southpaw
Seattle, WA