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Buyers Club

Save up to 40% on the highest quality, healthy and delicious wild salmon and seafood at home – direct from the fishers!

You know what Community Supported Agriculture is, and how CSA’s work- now please come and join us in our Community Supported Fishery (CSF). Lummi Island Wild is proud to be able to give back to our community, and our fishery!

Lummi Island Wild is the recipient of our local Sustainable Connections award for promoting a healthy environment, and has received the first ever Governor’s award given to a fishery for Sustainable Practices.

Step 1. Find a Buying Club Near You.


Step 2. Start a Buying Club.

Save up to 40% and help friends and family eat healthy, sustainable, and wild -organize your own buying club. All you need is a handful of interested wild salmon or seafood lovers. After you register we provide a manager password for you and a member password for your group. Our website will track your orders and process payments. The only thing left to do is hand out boxes from a distribution location of your choice. We ship your collective CSF order via economical commercial trucking, not expensive FedEx! Email us with questions, or to request an easy registration form detailing your options, at

Every buying club is a bit different. We have existing club managers who are happy to speak with you and explain how their club works.Email us now and we can connect you with a local club manager. Help your family and friends eat healthy, join us!