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New to cooking with fish? Looking for new, innovative, quick, or simple ways to add fish into your dining routine? Look no further! Read on for some expert cooking tips from the Lummi Island Wild leadership team.

Ranging from broiled salmon, to Salish Sea halibut, to panko encrusted pacific cod, and including ways to prepare canned tuna or sear tuna loin—there is no end to the ways that you can prepare fish in fun, interesting, tasty, and visually appealing ways.



Lummi Island Wild is able to source all five salmon species (king, pink, keta, sockeye and silver) for your and your family’s health. Salmon is a superfood for brain and body health, because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Sockeye 6oz. Portions and Lummi Island Wild Sockeye Fillet


Fast and easy, these portions can be poached, seared, baked or broiled. To broil: preheat broiler, pat dry the portions, place in broiler for about 3-5 minutes per side, depending on the thickness.


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Heat a roasting pan in the oven for 5 minutes. Brush with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, maybe some dill. Place the fillet on the hot pan, add lemon wedges, return to the oven and cook 10 minutes or to desired doneness.

Tip - Keith Carpenter

Lummi Island Wild Fisherman

For wonderful caramelization, faster cooking, and ease of serving, portion the salmon before cooking by slicing through the fish to the skin but leaving the skin intact.


Our halibut is sourced from the Salish Sea by tribal fishers. It is a sweet white fish with good texture and flavor, far and away the best halibut we know of, due to its diet of Salish Sea spot prawns and Dungeness crab.

PRODUCTS USED: Salish Sea Halibut


Pat the portion dry, sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle a little olive oil and grill for 3-5 minutes per side, depending on thickness.

Tip - Mary Ellen Carter

Chef, Cook Book Author, and Food Stylist

Quarter your lemons and roast or broil them alongside your fish for surprising juiciness and flavor.


Our cod is a firm-fleshed white fish that pairs well with herbs and lemon flavors.

PRODUCTS USED: Wild Pacific Cod


Dredge the cod portions in flour first, then a beaten egg mixture and finally panko crumbs. Sauté over medium heat until golden brown, approximately 2-5 minutes per side, depending on thickness.

Tip - Sierra Montoya

Lummi Island Wild Office Manager, Fisherman

Avocado or coconut oil are excellent for frying your panko encrusted cod

Tuna – Japanese Sashimi Style

This tuna is so pristine it can be eaten Japanese sashimi style with ginger and wasabi, or Italian carpaccio style with lemon, capers and a good olive oil.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Tuna Medallions


Using a very sharp knife, slice the tuna into thin slices that are translucent. Chill and serve.

Tip - Susanne Lucke

Lummi Island Wild Financial Officer

For best results cut the medallions while still partially frozen.

Tuna – Pan Seared

This very quick cooking method is done at high heat in a non-stick pan. Place the fish in the hot pan and cook to your desired doneness. Sear it about ¼ inch for rare, ½ inch for medium and then turn and repeat. You want just a hint of char on the edge.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Tuna Medallions

Tip - Ian Kirouac

Lummi Island Wild Fisherman

Tuna is easily overcooked, so keep a watchful eye and remove from the pan immediately.

Tuna – Pan Seared Loin

This is a dinner party centerpiece that should be treated very simply. A quick sear is all that is needed.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Tuna Loin


Spray or rub the tuna loin with neutral oil and sear the surface in a hot pan. Approximately ¼ inch sear is rare. Adjust the cooking time to your desired doneness.

Tip - Ian Kirouac

Lummi Island Wild Fisherman

Tuna is easily overcooked, so keep a watchful eye and remove from the pan immediately.

Scallops – Caramelized

Lummi Island Wild scallops are small and sweet and have better texture than larger scallops.

PRODUCTS USED: Alaska Weathervane Scallops


These sweet and delicate scallops want to be caramelized in a hot buttered pan. Very important to pat dry, don’t overcrowd the pan or they will steam rather than caramelize. You might want to cook them in batches.

Tip - Keith Carpenter

Lummi Island Wild Fisherman

They can be easily overcooked, so just a minute or so per side for a hint of bronze color.

Spot Prawns – Garlic

Our spot prawns come from both the Lummi Nation tribal fishery in the Salish Sea, and from Tom Treybush in Southeast Alaska. The flavor of these prawns is sweeter and better than any we have tasted.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Alaska Spot Prawns


These go well cooked with lots of garlic. In a hot cast iron skillet add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, add the prawns, cook a couple of minutes on each side until the shells are opaque. Toss with chopped garlic and serve.

Tip - Riley Starks

Lummi Island Wild Fisherman

To eat:  Peel back the head plate; remove head and legs at the same time. Peel shell from the head end to the tail.

Sablefish or Black Cod – Broiled

Also known as butterfish which aptly describes its richness.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Black Cod Steaks


Place the portion in an oiled pan and broil for 4-6 minutes per side.

Tip - Riley Starks

Lummi Island Wild Fisherman

If possible – a light smoking of the sablefish before cooking greatly enhances the flavors

Keta Salmon in Pouch

The retort pouch is one of modern packaging’s great achievements! It allows for intact fillet portions of lightly smoked keta salmon that are ready to eat and shelf stable.  Warmed in the pouch at home, or eaten out of the pouch when travelling in the wild, it is super healthy and convenient.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Smoked Keta Pouches

Don’t discard the liquid in the pouch, use as a flavoring.

Tip - Stella

Lummi Island Wild Truffle Hunter and 1st Mate

Don’t forget about your pet! Pour the omega 3- rich juices over the Kibble for extra flavor.

Canned Albacore Tuna

Line-caught, hand-packed sashimi grade albacore tuna processed only with sea salt.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Canned Albacore

A pantry staple -use this meaty fish in sandwiches, salads or pasta dishes.

Tip - Susanne Lucke

Lummi Island Wild Financial Officer

Wonderful Wednesday - a perfect day to make a nicoise salad.

Canned Ventresca Albacore Tuna

Hand-packed albacore tuna bellies, a rare gourmet treat for special occasions.

PRODUCTS USED: Lummi Island Wild Canned Ventresca Albacore

Break into chunks, serve with crackers topped with capers or ikura.

Tip - CeeCee

Lummi Island Wild 1st Mate

Again...don't forget how much we love the Albacore oil on our food...and it’s really good for us.