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Sablefish (Black Cod)

(4 customer reviews)

Alaskan Sablefish Steaks, 6-8 OZ, Bone-in, Skin-on.

Boneless, Skin-on Fillets, 1.5-2 LB Average



Our Alaskan black cod is harvested and frozen on board the F/V Kruzof, out of Seward, Alaska. Black cod, also known as sablefish, is caught in waters nearly 2,500 ft. deep off Alaska’s pristine coast.

Steaks are bone-in and skin-on, a solid value for an elegant meal.  Fillets are boneless and skin-on, average 1.5 lbs.

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s SeaWatch gives this hook and line caught black cod a “best choice” rating.

4 reviews for Sablefish (Black Cod)

  1. J V

    These are succulent.

  2. Therese Holm (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and great customer service!

  3. jfahark (verified owner)

    The fish arrived promptly and were wonderful! Very buttery and beautiful flakes. The only problem was that a few of the packages’ seals broke, which prompted us to cook them right away so they would not to get freezer burn or any distaste. Could be prevented with a better eye, but you all are very busy for a good reason!

  4. Jeannine (verified owner)

    This is my go-to. I try to always have this product in my freezer.

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