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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

(13 customer reviews)

4 oz Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Ready to Eat



The secret to our Smoked Wild Sockeye is simple. We start with the highest quality sockeye salmon, which is sourced humanely and sustainably. We add a bit of salt and a light alder smoke to retain moisture, then let the smoke do its thing. Our smoked salmon delivery helps make picnics, car or bicycle trips, and sporting events even tastier with high quality fish. You name the activity and smoked salmon will only improve your experience.


Ideas for Cooking with Smoked Salmon

Smoked fish is a remarkably versatile ingredient. Sure, you can eat it with bagels and cream cheese, but we like to get creative with our smoked salmon. Shred the fish over hot pasta, add it to a salad, or use it to top your scrambled eggs. This smoked salmon is also delicious as a blended dip, when baked into a brandade, or shredded into fritters. Smoked sockeye flavor is beautifully complemented by fennel, carrots, pea shoots, cucumbers, asparagus, chicory, and white grapefruit, among others. If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend this resource from Bon Appétit.

Sockeye is among the best types of salmon for smoking. The high oil content allows the fish to absorb the smoke, resulting in a fuller-bodied taste profile. While often compared to king salmon, sockeye is often the better choice for smoking. The flesh is somewhat denser than king salmon, allowing it to stay firm during the smoking process.

No matter how you use it, this smoked sockeye makes for an easy but elegant dinner. Plus, it’s certified Kosher.


Handling Instructions – Smoked Salmon 

Like our other wild salmon, this smoked sockeye salmon ships frozen to preserve the meat’s flavor and texture. After a few hours spent thawing, you’ll be ready to eat. This salmon can stay in the refrigerator for up to 45 days and even longer in the freezer.

Each portion is around 4 ounces, and customers can buy between 1 and 24 portions in a single container. Our smoked salmon delivery makes excellent gifts for friends and family, but we won’t judge if you keep it all for yourself.

13 reviews for Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

  1. Dawna Rivera (verified owner)

    Bought two kinds of your salmon as a Christmas gift for one of my brothers. So very happy with it!

    Thank you for such quality salmon and speedy delivery!

  2. Rhayma (verified owner)

    Made a great gift for relatives who have visited the island but are far away. A perfect gift item!

  3. Adam Delderfield (verified owner)

    Apparently it’s very good. My son devoured it, I never got a chance to taste it.

  4. Christina Meyer

    Delicious and such a perfect gift.

  5. Jim (verified owner)

    I especially enjoyed the smoked salmon. Would definitely recommend and order again. I would also like to see a choice of a low sodium version

  6. Dylan (verified owner)

    Excellent product !!! Would order again

  7. steve schechter (verified owner)

    This smoked salmon had wonderful flavor–strong smokiness that was just terrific. For those who really crave that smoked taste, a great choice!

  8. Laura Harsin (verified owner)

    Great Christmas gift…….fast shipping, friendly service! Thank you.

  9. John (verified owner)

    Always excellent quality!

  10. Jacob Dietzman (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product, but I’m taking one star off for the packaging. I wish it had been more clear that the Smoke Wild Sockeye Salmon and Smoked Wild King Salmon would be shipped in dry ice. These two additions to the order also required a large, non-recyclable styrofoam cooler, which in turn required a much larger cardboard box and significant additional packing materials. Had I understood that before placing my order, I would have restricted it to the Keta pouches which required no refrigeration.

  11. AT Wells (verified owner)

    Just purchased a 10lb case of the sockeye and it is *amazing*! The best I have ever eaten. My only regret/request is to cut down on the packaging. Way too much wasted plastic.

    • Sierra Montoya

      Thank you for this great feedback. We are working on updating our packaging and hope to have some smaller packaging options early next year.

  12. Susan (verified owner)

    My husband and I transported 10 lbs of this beautiful sockeye with us to New Zealand for our close friends wedding,needless to say the Kiwis raved about it. A little bit of home for the bride to share with her new family.

  13. jeff walker

    What lake/river does the salmon come from?

    • Ian

      This season our Alaskan sockeye are caught by setnetters on the Ugashik River, the southernmost of the five Bristol Bay river systems. A processor sits in the river and freezes them immediately after being caught. They are considered the best sockeye that Bristol Bay has to offer.

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    My family recently devoured several packets of Lummi Island Wild’s smoked sockeye – it was moist, firm, and delicious! The portions are sized perfectly for hiking trips, and we were able to freeze several – with no impact on the taste or texture – for use several months after purchasing them. I love that these fish are caught using a responsible fishing technique that protects non-target species. I highly recommend – I’m ordering more.

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