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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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Wild Coho – Silver Salmon Fillets

(12 customer reviews)

Coho Salmon Fillets – Whole, Large Sides, boneless and skin-on, 1.5-1.75 lbs


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Also known as silver salmon, cohos have a red-orange color, with a traditional, rich salmon flavor. Cohos eat other fish as well as zooplankton, and have a slightly stronger salmon flavor than sockeye salmon. An excellent choice for grilling, broiling, sautéing, baking, poaching, steaming, and smoking.

Our coho salmon fillets have really good color, medium texture and flake, and a clean flavor. It’s a staple on our local restaurant menus. Our wild coho/ silver salmon fillets are a good alternative to sockeye, and at a lower price.

1.5-1.75 lb whole sides – 4-6 servings


Ships frozen. Keep refrigerated for up to 7 days, or keep frozen.

12 reviews for Wild Coho – Silver Salmon Fillets

  1. Rick (verified owner)

    Fantastic as always!

  2. Heather Henry (verified owner)

    These are the most beautiful fillets I’ve ever seen. They arrived carefully packed and beautifully frozen. I grilled mine with lemon, butter, and salt and my family loved it. I will order again.

  3. Lorre (verified owner)

    Coho filets arrived completely frozen and well packed, as usual with Lummi Island. Thaw wrapped filets for 5 mins. in sink of hot water, then portion and cook immediately. Portions refreeze well for those of us with histamine intolerance. Perfectly delicious wrapped in bacon on grill or in oven with dill butter. Always satisfied with Lummi Island salmon!

  4. Linda Clogg

    I’ve ordered twice and loved it both times. So much better than what you can buy at the grocery stores here in Michigan. Even Whole Foods can’t compare!

  5. Jeff (verified owner)

    As alway fish is the best!! Thanks!!!

  6. Suzanne Stack (verified owner)

    I had always ordered portions and ordered this by mistake last time. I live alone and couldn’t imagine what I would do with whole filets! I even tried to find a seafood place who would cut them up for me, but didn’t want to spend more money for the filets. I finally decided to bake the whole thing, then split it up into portions. I used one portion right away and put another in the refrigerator. The rest of the portions went into the freezer. This method worked so well I repeated it with each filet. By cooking the whole filet at once, I saved plenty of time over preparing each portion separately. Less packaging, too! The flavor is consistently salmony and the texture is nicely flaky and melts in your mouth. Win-win!

  7. Anne Berton (verified owner)

    The Coho is amazing! Quality product as always! Not to mention the great customer service, and super fast shipping. It’s a pleasure to be repeat customers.

  8. Kate McBreen (verified owner)

    The flavor is so clean and fresh. It’s the best salmon ever.

  9. gabrielaapicayo (verified owner)

    I’ve been missing high quality salmon since moving from the PNW in 2014, I tried Sockeye from Sprouts and Natural Grocers but nothing compares the to quality salmon I got in the PNW. This salmon surpassed my expectations. It arrived fully frozen, the filets are beautiful and thick and I’ve enjoyed every bite so far!

  10. Bob Huff (verified owner)

    Been ordering from Lummi Wild for several years from Minnesota. Great product and always arrives well packed and on time. Very good texture and taste.

  11. Leland (verified owner)

    My daughter is very food sensitive and can not eat most store bought salmon. However, the ocean caught and quickly frozen Coho Salmon from Lummi is not only delicious but causes no food reactions at all. It arrives at our home across country from Washington state still frozen solid, which she requires.

  12. Eric (verified owner)

    I live in Truckee, CA (Tahoe) so my grocery store options are limited (Safeway, etc.). I’ve had good salmon before and these stores weren’t offering it (no surprise). I’ve been ordering this coho salmon for several months now and could not be more satisfied. The taste, texture and color of these filets are what salmon should represent. If you cook salmon at home you cannot go wrong with these filets. Keep them frozen then cut into your own portions after thawed. Phenomenal!

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