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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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6 oz Baker King Salmon Portions

(24 customer reviews)

6 oz Boneless Baker King / Skin-on Portions


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Salmon’s flavor is directly related to how much fat is in the fish. As a result, Baker king wild salmon–with its high fat content–has our highest recommendation for both salmon lovers and skeptics alike. Its superior fat content will provide an eating experience that is second to none. These are some of the most impressive and spectacular king salmon we’ve ever tasted. If you’re deciding on which fish to try, we highly recommend this wild salmon shipped to your home.

These kings are caught by Upper Skagit tribal fishing families who live, bleed, and slush ice the fish for us. By working the waters with local independent fishers who respect both salmon and our environment, we can ensure the highest quality wild kings available. These are orca safe king salmon, which means they are caught with sustainable gear in a terminal area, well past the point that a fish might make a meal for an Orca. The fishery is also carefully co-managed by the tribe, so you can feel great about supporting this provider.

Plus, this is a micro fishery that is limited to only 500 fish. Don’t miss an opportunity to eat the best king salmon of the season, and have some Baker King wild salmon shipped today.

  • Sustainably, ethically and wild harvested in the Salish Sea
  • Individually flash frozen and vacuum packaged in recipe ready portions
  • Excellent source of protein and Omega-3’s
  • Free shipping over $125
  • Ships in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging material


Salmon Preparation Tips 

You don’t need to put much effort into preparing salmon this decadent. We prefer a simple sear with some butter and herbs, but home chefs can also bake, roast, grill, and pan fry to suit individual tastes. The fat in king salmon means this is a very forgiving fish for novice cooks, so there’s no need to feel intimated by this wild salmon.

Handling Instructions – Baker King Wild Salmon

Ships frozen with dry ice. Keep Frozen

Thawing Instructions: Remove all packaging, thaw under refrigeration; maintain below 38 degrees F (3 degrees C).

24 reviews for 6 oz Baker King Salmon Portions

  1. Maryann (verified owner)

    I’m a dietitian and learned the multiple benefits of consuming Salmon. I have had Salmon in my diet for over 20 years, this is the best Salmon I’ve had and because it is wild that makes it healthier than farm raised. Delicious!

  2. Sondra Wallace (verified owner)

    Baker salmon fabulous, the best.

  3. RV (verified owner)

    Well, The fish is good. I cannot say excellent because removing the skin was tough. I contacted if I could get it without the skin(before ordering). Lummi replied the skin comes off easily, and it does not, I have the sharpest knife (I got a new filet knife thinking mine wasn’t sharp enough). I wish it came with the option to select without skin. I have ordered the other variety from Lummi. It’s the same. 🙁 There is wastage when doing at home. Some of the filets had scales peeling, so I guess it’s not thoroughly cleaned. I grilled mine, and it was good doesn’t get dry like the store-bought. For the premium price I pay, I would like to see options.

  4. Judy Kallet (verified owner)

    I ordered a 6 pack of Baker king salmon – my first order. I prepare my salmon medium rare, and after trying 4 different ways of cooking the salmon, each time the salmon was dry and tasteless. I wrote to Lummi Island, explained the situation and asked for a refund. You’re response was you were sorry, and hoped I would try it again. I tried each piece and got the same result. I’ve had king salmon in Alaska and Seattle, and this was nothing like it. I took a chance on spending a very high price with the knowledge that satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Your response was to try again, even though I asked for a refund. I am very disappointed, mostly that the fish was a disappointment, to be followed up with disappointment that you aren’t honoring your money back guarantee.

    • Ian

      Hi Judy, We don’t get that kind of feedback- especially about apex level eating like Baker King. That’s why we asked for additional feedback. We stand behind our seafood and our guarantee – your order was refunded.

  5. Debra Deschaine (verified owner)

    I submitted a 1 star review above – concerning lack of response on the portion sizes. I want to rectify that review as the owner contacted me by phone and email, apologized and made it right. There was never a question on the quality of the salmon which remains superb. Sincerity in an explanation/apology/making things right goes a long long way. I am back as a customer.

  6. Debra Deschaine (verified owner)

    I am posting my concerns that I wrote in a private email to the office. I had no reply – it’s about a month now. A simple reply would have avoided this. What a shame.


    I was sent a link to review my last order of Baker salmon and fillets. I did not want to write a neg leaning review publicly because there might be an explanation. As always, the salmon was delicious, incomparable. The packaging and delivery perfect. However, we were shocked by the very , very small portions of the Baker (big difference from last time) and the bare amount on the Fillet. We could not serve it to guests. The photo on the website was not representative of the purchase at all. If the dollar of both purchases (over $200) was more in line with the sizes, there would be no issue. But that was really expensive for the amount we received on both products.

    I wanted to let you know and not the public in case we had just bad luck.

    Thank you for your delicious fish and excellent service.

    Name, address, phone number removed

    • Ian

      Hi Debra, We guarantee a good experience, so please look for our follow up. We will take any and all feedback – thank you. These baker king portions are 6oz min and range up to 7oz max. Regret to hear you did not get a reply to your email – please ensure you are using as we will always reply.

  7. Tim Riehle (verified owner)

    Good Salmon, but I’m disappointed that half of the pieces we received were thin tailpieces. This makes me curious how small these fish were when caught. Alaskan king salmon are often very large, reaching well over 50 lbs, so I’m guessing that your kings are either on the very small end, ~10 lbs, or they’re much larger producing many pieces meaning the tail section should occur infrequently, maybe 10% of the time? When paying $20-$25 for a 6oz piece, expectations are high.

    • Ian

      Hey Tim, Most wild kings from our fisheries are about 10-12lbs. We still see a few big ones, but the days of 50lb salmon are mostly gone – thus part of the reason for our strong commitment to sustainability. Our fish are cut “Ocean run” and you can expect to receive representative portions from the whole fish. We promise a great experience – we will be following up with you.

  8. Mary (verified owner)

    An amazing taste and worth the expense. We love fresh salmon but this Baker King is the best we have ever had. So glad that we decided to make the purchase.

  9. Eli (verified owner)

    Delicious but at 25 dollars for only 6oz (thats about $75 per pound!!) an average salmon weighs around 10 pounds so one fish is about $700-$800 dollars!! this fish is for Jeff Bezos. 5 star for taste 0 star for value.

    • Ian

      Hi Eli, We hear you. Thanks for the 5 star rating on taste. We know some varieties can be expensive and we try to balance this by offering other high quality, lower cost options.

  10. Mo (verified owner)

    Most delicious Salmon

  11. Dave (verified owner)


  12. steve schechter (verified owner)

    this is just incredible salmon, and some of the best we’ve ever eaten, frozen or fresh! it was so good my wife and i were actually stunned. can’t recommend any salmon more highly–

  13. Deborah (verified owner)

    Delicious. Some of the best salmon I have tasted, second only to the salmon I had while in Alaska, caught that day by a fisherman friend. And this salmon is very, very close to that. If you are thinking about purchasing this salmon, go for it.

  14. lisa (verified owner)

    So amazing. So fresh, not smelly like grocery store fish, and arrived on time and still frozen on ice. I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of the salmon and flavor, but also how reliable the company was. I will definitely be ordering again! Will never buy fish from the store again.

  15. Laren Schoenbrun (verified owner)

    This was hands down the best salmon we have eaten. My husband and son usually will not eat salmon (even the wild salmon we catch ourselves) but both of them went back for seconds. I will definitely be ordering this again.

  16. Stephen Donahue (verified owner)

    Excellent flavor and knowing it’s helping a great cause, it tastes even better!!!

  17. Kyle Rudzinski (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be tastier. Absolutely love this salmon!

  18. Susanne Guthrie (verified owner)


  19. monicalooze (verified owner)

    Usually I’m a sockeye girl, but this is truly the best wild salmon I’ve ever had.

  20. Regi Christensen (verified owner)

    Excellent. Medium rare preparation produced a perfectly moist and tender serving. Baker King Salmon are a special catch.

  21. S.E. Martin (verified owner)

    Crispy skin and moist flesh. What more do you want?

  22. Kevin Velten (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor and texture! Undoubtedly the best I’ve ever tasted.

  23. Don (verified owner)

    Fast and great shipping. Fish was amazing!! Decadent, flaky, rich. So good!

  24. Tom (verified owner)

    Beautiful salmon with wonderful flavor and texture. Easily the best salmon I have ever eaten!

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