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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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Albacore Tuna Loins

(24 customer reviews)

Albacore Tuna Loins – Sashimi Grade – Easy & Delicious – 22-26 oz average


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Our sushi-grade albacore tuna loins are delivered to your door and make a fast and healthy omega-3 rich meal. These boneless tuna loins can be enjoyed raw or cooked, depending on your preference. This buttery, decadent fish is excellent seared rare, but it also makes for a wonderful addition to a sushi plate.

No matter which preparation you choose, we guarantee a high-quality experience. Each tuna is blast-frozen at sea just minutes after being caught. This helps to preserve its taste and texture. The tuna remains frozen until it reaches your kitchen. When you get albacore tuna loins delivered from Lummi Island Wild, you can feel secure that they are never thawed – even during processing.


Fisherman’s Tip – By Riley Starks 

“For Japanese style sashimi, using a very sharp knife, slice the tuna into thin slices that are translucent. For best results, cut the loin while still partially frozen. Garnish with ginger and wasabi or Italian carpaccio style with lemon, capers and a good olive oil.”


Handling Instructions – Tuna Loins Delivered

When you have our albacore tuna loins delivered to your door, they will arrive vacuum-sealed and frozen in a refrigerated box. Once thawed, they’ll be ready to eat – sashimi style. If you prefer cooked fish, you can prepare to your ideal taste. If you’ve never prepared tuna yourself, we recommend a simple sear on your stovetop. This is a great way to preserve the fish’s natural flavor while adding some delicious heat and texture.

If you’re cooking albacore tuna for the first time, do your best to avoid overcooking the loins. Quick, high heat is the secret to a moist tuna steak – try anything else and you risk a dry piece of meat. Remember that tuna will continue to cook for several minutes once removed from the heat, so be conservative in your timing.

We recommend cooking them over medium-high heat for between 6 and 9 minutes. You’ll know it’s cooked when the fish begins to flake when tested with a fork but remains pink in the center.

Our tuna ships frozen. When your albacore tuna loins are delivered, keep them refrigerated for up to 7 days. If you prefer to save your purchase for later, the tuna will remain fresh for around two months when kept frozen.


24 reviews for Albacore Tuna Loins

  1. Sue (verified owner)

    Awesome huge filets of tuna. Fast shipping. I’ll be back.

  2. Michelle G (verified owner)

    HOLY LORD these are good. Wow. I did not expect these to be this good. Melt in your mouth like butter. I made a dipping sauce and just sliced and ate it standing up. DAMN!!

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

    When I ordered this, it was in stock and you took my payment. It wasn’t delivered, and I received no explanation. You still have my payment.

    • Ian

      Hi Kelly, The tuna loin portion of you order was refunded prior to shipping. We followed with an email notification about the needed update. Please contact us at if you have questions.

  4. Tim Schaefer (verified owner)

    Simply sublime PNW Albacore! I eat seafood 95% of my protein, and PNW/Alaska Seafood 80% of that 95% – and I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you and great work on this albacore. Truly remarkable and delicious. I’m not sure I’ve had fresher tasting, even at the dock! Cheers and thank you again!

  5. Terri D. Wright (verified owner)


  6. Laurie Haslund (verified owner)

    WE live rather remotely in Washington state. It is just not easy to get good seafood out here…….until I found Lummi Island Wild. We just love the albacore loins and serve them lightly seared with a sesame seed layer. I drizzle a little bit of soy sauce or Indonesian Kecap Manis on top after slicing to serve. The loins are so perfect for special occasions. Rarely do we have leftovers, but if we do the slices are great served atop a nice green salad.

  7. Jo Munroe (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and excellent customer service!

  8. Jo ( Joanne) Munroe (verified owner)

    Amazing! Outstanding fish and clearly packaged with great care. Wondetful customer service!

  9. Joseph Gaby (verified owner)

    Outstanding in quality and everything. Thanks!

  10. Linda N Whitbeck (verified owner)

    Delicious, will order again!

  11. Sam

    Amazingly delicious. Such high quality that I can’t bring myself to cook it. We eat it raw either as sashimi or made into simple poke bowls.

  12. beth (verified owner)

    So yummy and fresh. My 11 year old loves tuna night! We made it with panko and seaweed coating this past week. Three of us ate the entire loin.
    A bit pricey but worth it!

  13. Doris Dubielzig (verified owner)

    This is why we order from Lummi Island. The tuna loins are superb! And there’s zero waste. What isn’t eaten the first time round is either fried for breakfast or converted into tuna salad. Thank you!

  14. Mari (verified owner)

    I would not have believed that frozen fish could taste this fresh if I hadn’t had it myself. Sashimi, or lightly seared, it’s meltingly delicious fish!
    Packaging was also excellent. Sent to a desert address in August, the shipment arrived frozen solid with plenty of dry ice in the shipping box.

  15. Susan L (verified owner)

    Melted Olin our mouths – could not have been fresher than if I caught it same day. Yum!

  16. Dave in VA (verified owner)

    This had a very clean and fresh taste. The flavor was far superior to the tuna I am able to buy in my local market.

  17. Kevin McDonough (verified owner)

    Key to not cook too long. Turn every minute and stop at 4.5 minutes for rare on the grill. Great cut and delicious. Definitely a repeat customer for this and the salmon.

  18. Cecelia

    Very yummy. I overcooked the first batch but the second was seared perfectly so I am buying more

  19. Barbara (verified owner)

    Awesome! So good that I ordered more.

  20. William Kitchens

    Excellent. Right portions. Fresh. Great taste & flavor…
    Love to support these foljs‼️‼️‼️

  21. Deborah Nelson (verified owner)

    Sent as gift to those in the know hunkered down in Brooklyn during the virus and they LOVED the Albacore Tuna Loins. Devoured like sashimi.
    Thank You!

  22. Corina Durrego (verified owner)

    Wow! Great fish. Does not taste like it was frozen. I seared them rare and the fish was delicious. I will definitely buy this again.

  23. Mary Patterson (verified owner)

    Totally enjoyed this product from Lummi Island – excellent quality and makes a delicious meal when lightly seared. Appreciate the cooking recommendations from Lummi Island Wild to avoid over cooking. Will definitely buy again. Mary and Pat

  24. Guy Allen

    These loins are truly delicious! I had planned to sear them, but decided to sashimi about a quarter of the loin and eat raw with California rolls and wasabi and soy sauce. They were so buttery and delicious that my wife and I ended up eating the entire loin raw. Wonderful choice for a dinner party or as Christmas gifts. Thank you Jim and Kara!

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