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Emergency Effort to Save Orca – Help Is Coming

Emergency Effort to Save Orca – Help Is Coming

Lummi Island Wild Co-op and the non-tribal reefnet fleet have volunteered to join the emergency effort to save the endangered orca that has been spotted in the Salish Sea.

“Reefnet fishing has near zero by-catch mortality and is recognized as one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world,” said Ian Kirouac of Lummi Island Wild Co-op. “Normally all Reefnet caught chinook are released unharmed and swim away.”

You can see a video snippet of this here:

Starting on Monday August 6th, through emergency agreement between WA State, Lummi Tribe, US and Canada agencies, Lummi Island Wild’s Reefnets will be catching and holding live Chinook on the Reefnet Salmon gear.

“Reefnets are uniquely qualified to help in this effort as they catch and hold live fish until they are released unharmed or processed fresh,” Kirouac continued.

If all goes as scheduled, at 2:30 pm Monday, a Lummi Tribal boat will pick up the live chinook and deliver them in front of the whale in an attempt to provide food and medicine to save the distressed orca -before it’s to late. Tribal and non-tribal fishers will be working side by side in this effort to try and save the endangered orca.

So during this week’s Reefnet Salmon fishing, Chinook will go to hungry whales, and prized Reefnet Sockeye will go to hungry humans. This season, truly sustainable Reefnet Salmon can be found at PCC community Markets in Seattle and through Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Lummi Island Wild provides the highest quality seafood from the Salish Sea. Their mission is to promote the respectful and responsible harvesting of wild salmon and to protect the environment for future generations of fish and people.

Contact: Ian Kirouac
Lummi Island Wild Co-op