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Largest Halibut of the Season Weighs in at 120 lbs

Largest Halibut of the Season Weighs in at 120 lbs

The Salish Sea halibut season opened about a month ago, and we have been working hard to bring in this season’s sustainable catch. Joe McDonald of the Swinomish Indian tribe caught an impressive 120-pounder, and we got it on camera to show that this is not a “fish story.”

A 120 lb halibut caught by Joe McDonald on the Salish Sea, 2019


It wasn’t so long ago that our waters were trawled at a rate that was not sustainable. Halibut need at least 10 years before they can reproduce, and they can live up to 25 years of age. The good news is that halibut fishing is now sustainable on the entire pacific coast.

Superior flavor?

Our Salish sea halibut is special. It feasts on a local diet of local sweet crab and spot prawns, which produces a sweet and tender meat. In a local taste test many participants chose Salish Sea halibut over its Alaskan counterpart because it was moist, milder and did not have a fishy smell. Are you ready to try it?

When can I get some?

By now your mouth is watering and and you are ready to order some of this sweet, moist and tender seafood home for dinner. You can order some tasty Salish Sea Halibut here.