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LUMMI NATION Washington State

We have been working with members of the Lummi Nation for the past several years, sourcing our halibut, spot prawns and some of our salmon from them. We were asked to assist in the designing, building, and deploying of a new reefnet gear in 2016, which resulted in the launch of the first new tribal reefnet gear in 120 years. We appreciate the reverence and respect Lummi Nation has for their salmon, and hope to continue to expand our cooperation with them.
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Patagonia Provisions Sausalito, CA

In 2012, when Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard turned his gaze toward food as a way to make a difference in the world, he looked for a sustainable salmon fishery as one of his first products. He and his creative team, including Birgit Cameron, director of Patagonia Provisions, came to Lummi Island in early 2015 to tour the reefnet gears, and to understand the importance of the work we are doing. They returned during the pink fishery that August, got wet and slimy on the gears, and the rest is history. We are pleased to partner with them, because Patagonia is known world-wide as a company that walks its talk, and does not cut corners to realize its goals. You can find us on their website and catalogue materials, and in their film, “Unbroken Ground”. We look forward to more collaboration with them in future years.
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Microsoft Redmond, WA

At the Redmond campus, where 45,000 people eat daily, we are proud to be their sole salmon provider. Each season, up to 30 of their chefs, managers, and even world-wide buyers come out fishing with us to witness first-hand the care and respect that is shown to the salmon that they serve.
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Coastal Hotels Ferndale, Blaine and Seattle, WA

At Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle and Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA, Lummi Island Wild products can be found on the menu. Each season Executive Chef Roy Breiman brings staff out to the gears to witness the fishery.
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The Willows Inn Lummi Island, WA

The Willows Inn history with Lummi Island Wild began in 2001, when the inn’s co-founder and reefnet fisherman Riley Starks started serving reefnet salmon. Today, Chef Blaine Wetzel gets many of his salmon from the Legoe Bay reefnet site, located just two miles away, and often delivered by an ice chest laden pickup truck.
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FishWise Santa Cruz, CA

FishWise is a Santa Cruz based nonprofit whose goal it is to shine a spotlight on what is being done right in our marine environments. They aim to increase the recognition and visibility of sustainable seafood, by partnering with stores and other markets, as well as fishers and other seafood producers, to help grow healthy relationships. FishWise audits its partners to make sure they adhere to the standards they espouse. Project Manager Meg Songer has donned her raingear to get firsthand evidence of our commitment to sustainability. We are proud to be a FishWise partner.
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