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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping

Our Standards

Clean taste and exceptional handling. That is why you choose Lummi Island Wild.

Why Choose Lummi Island Wild?

We start with an amazing salmon, as do all who harvest Fraser River salmon. BUT, that is where the similarity ends. By reefnetting salmon, we are able to live bleed each fish, one at a time, and then place it in to an insulated tote filled with slush ice. The bleeding method ensures two things:

  1. The bitterness caused by lactic acid which builds up in the muscle tissues when a fish struggles is not present, since the salmon is allowed to relax both before and after bleeding. The changes of the internal chemistry of fish is influenced by how it is handled during the harvesting process.
  2. The blood is not there to cause a metallic, often slightly bitter and rancid flavor associated with the term “fishy.” This clean flavor is noticeable immediately, but becomes even more obvious after the salmon is frozen or smoked.

The careful handling after bleeding ensures that our salmon are treated with respect all along the production chain, resulting in the least degradation possible. We are there from the catching of the salmon, to the bleeding and icing of the salmon, all the way through the tendering and ultimate processing of the salmon, every step of the way to maintain our strict standards.

Lummi Island Wild Co-op is one of the only companies that are handling & touching their fish from saltwater to processing to freezer to shipping.

Clean taste, with no bitterness, and exceptional handling: that is why you choose Lummi Island Wild.


Lummi Island Wild Salmon is a phenomenal fish.

— Pat Donahue, Executive Chef Anthony's Restaurants