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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping

Sustainable Smoked Keta Salmon


Our Smoked Wild Keta Salmon is truly sustainable salmon – perfect for picnics, car trips, sporting events, and everything in between. We take our wild-caught Keta, and hot smoke it over alder coals. The result is a delicious, complex smoked salmon sure to improve any dish – from bagels and lox to pastas and salads.

These 4 oz portions are vacuum sealed and ready to eat. They make a great healthy snack for people on the go and a fine ingredient over pasta for dinner. Plus, Lummi Island Wild is the best place to buy smoked salmon online. We provide free shipping on large orders, a money back guarantee, and a fresh delivery guarantee.



The best place to buy smoked salmon online isn’t necessarily the most expensive retailer. It’s the company who provides a high-quality product. Our smoked wild keta salmon ships frozen but is ready to eat after thawing. Customers can keep this salmon refrigerated for up to 45 days and longer in the freezer.