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Seafood Gift Boxes and Combos

Seafood Gift Boxes and Combos

Seafood gift boxes

Where to find the best Seafood Gifts and Gift Boxes Online

If you are looking for something special for your seafood lover, we have the perfect gift boxes for seafood fans. Our salmon and seafood combos are curated by our fishers here at Lummi Island Wild who are self proclaimed “seafood snobs.” Choose from our top recommendations!

Our fishers have quite a selection of sustainably sourced seafood packed with omega 3’s for your heart and your health. We deliver our seafood frozen fresh to ensure your seafood tastes like it’s fresh off the boat!

Ikura Caviar New Selection

Ikura caviar is prized all around the world for its flavor and texture. This red caviar from the Salish sea is one of the worlds richest sources of omega 3’s and its lightly oiled texture bursts with flavor. Treat your caviar lover to a very special superfood and buy our ikura online. Our ikura ships frozen and is delivered to your door to ensure it’s freshness.

Seafood Lovers Medley

Seafood lovers get to experience a variety of the very best with our Seafood Lovers Medley. This seafood variety box is available for your to buy online and includes wild king salmon, ikura red caviar, spot shrimp and weathervane scallops. Buy our seafood combo box online, it arrives frozen for your to enjoy at your cooking convenience.

Sashimi Lovers Combo

Lummi Island Wild sushi grade tuna and salmon are quite a special treat for seafood lovers. Our sushi grade fish ships frozen to ensure its taste and freshness. Sashimi is delivered to your doorstep in recipe ready portions. Try our sashimi all at once or over time, it’s up to you and your sashimi lover!

Smoked Salmon Combo

Salmon makes hearts healthy and happy. Order our smoked salmon combo online and taste a variety of smoked salmon to enjoy in your dips, pastas, rice bowls and salads for toppings. This smoked salmon selection is perfect for charcuterie boards. All of our salmon is sourced humanely and sustainably at the highest quality.

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