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Understanding Smoked Salmon Price with Lummi Island Wild

Comparing the smoked salmon price from different companies can be a confusing experience. If you’ve tried this, you’ve likely noticed a wide price range – from around $30 per pound up to $75 per pound. What’s more, it can be difficult to make a direct price comparison between products. Companies sell smoked salmon in a variety of quantities, so it requires a bit of math to figure out whether the 0.25 lb. pack is actually cheaper than the 2-pound fillet from another retailer.

At Lummi Island Wild, we are very transparent about our pricing. In general, our rates sit toward the middle of the price spectrum for smoked salmon. This changes depending on the type of smoked salmon you buy. For example, Keta will always be cheaper than smoked Sockeye, and King will always be the most expensive. But we want to do more than situate ourselves amongst other online retailers. Below, you’ll find a guide to our smoked salmon price – what contributes to it, how we price our products, and what to expect when you order our smoked salmon.


What Contributes to the Price of Smoked Salmon?

We offer around a dozen smoked salmon products, ranging from smoked salmon chowder and smoked sockeye pouches to 1.5-pound smoked fillets. While these products have different prices, we follow the same criteria when deciding on a per-ounce cost.

  • Our salmon is wild. Wild salmon tastes better than farmed alternatives. Wild salmon also absorbs more smoke flavor. These fish have a naturally higher oil content, which allows the flesh to retain more of the wood smoke. That said, it can be expensive to have a sustainable, wild salmon fishing operation. This translates to a higher per-ounce salmon price, but trust us – the taste is worth it.
  • We smoke different types of salmon. The smoked salmon price changes depending on the type of fish you smoke. Sockeye is a highly sought-after fish, with its deep red flesh and high oil content. This makes it more expensive than something with less oil and a more mild flavor, like Keta. Our pricing reflects the type of salmon we smoke.
  • Our process is natural. You won’t find any artificial flavors or ingredients in our smoked salmon. Consisting of nothing more than fish, sea salt, brown sugar, and hardwood smoke, you can rest assured that we haven’t taken the easiest or cheapest route to great smoky flavor. We use only the best ingredients to allow the smoke to do its thing.

At Lummi Island Wild, we promise to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how we price our fish. Our pricing reflects our use of high-quality products, our dedication to sustainable fishing, and our ocean stewardship.


Shipping Our Smoked Wild Salmon

Shipping is one piece of the cost puzzle that few customers consider when looking at a smoked salmon price. With a few exceptions, our smoked salmon ships frozen in an insulated container. This salmon will be ready to eat after thawing, and it will remain good to eat when refrigerated for up to 45 days. We also offer smoked salmon retort pouches that are shelf-stable and non-perishable.