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Our Smoked Keta Salmon is Great for Seafood Skeptics

Smoked Keta salmon is one of our favorite types of smoked fish. It has less of a fishy flavor than other salmon varieties, and its lower fat content means it won’t soak up as much smoke flavor. A delightfully mild ingredient, smoked Keta is great for a mid-day burst of salty sweet flavor. And, with its lower price point, it’s a great fish to buy if you’ve never tried smoked fish. If you’re hunting for smoked salmon online, Lummi Island Wild is the place to go.


What You Should Know About Smoked Wild Keta Salmon 

Keta salmon has a bit of a reputation problem. Known colloquially as “dog” or “chum” salmon, this species is on the lower end of the salmon price spectrum. It’s a smaller fish, averaging around eight pounds, and has pale flesh. Its lower fat content makes it leaner than the more decadent King and Sockeye, lending it a slightly saltier, milder taste. This one of the reasons why we love Keta as a smoked salmon – there’s less of a fishy flavor to overcome, allowing the smoke and sweet rub to stand out. While it doesn’t taste like other, fattier types of smoked salmon, it’s an experience all its own.

Our smoked Keta salmon is prepared simply. We start with a cleaned keta fillet and add a pinch of salt. Then, we add a healthy dose of our brown sugar rub. After letting the hardwood smoke do its thing, we freeze portions to help preserve the fish’s taste and texture.

Smoked Keta is a great choice for folks new to seafood and smoked fish. With a notably less fishy flavor, smoke and sugar are the primary tasting notes in our smoked Keta. Try it for yourself, gift it to your family, or buy it for a friend. This is a beloved smoked salmon that we’re proud to share.


How to Order Our Smoked Keta Salmon 

Our smoked Keta salmon is available in 4-ounce portions. Customers can choose to buy between 1 and 12 portions in an order. We pack the fish with dry ice and ship it frozen via 2nd Day Air. When it arrives at your door, transfer the seafood to the refrigerator to thaw. After a few hours, your smoked salmon will be ready to eat.

Keep in mind that smoked seafood is already partially preserved. This means is will have a longer shelf life than the other fish we sell. Frozen Keta salmon will remain safe to eat for up to 45 days in the refrigerator. This is important to note if you’re ordering several types of fish from us – don’t get your salmons mixed up. That said, we doubt any of our fish will last too long in your freezer or refrigerator. They’re just too delicious to save.

Smoked wild Keta salmon makes for a great addition to any diet. Eat it with your meal, enjoy it as a snack, or pack it with you on your next road trip. And, if you’re searching for the best place to buy smoked salmon, we hope you’ll give us at Lummi Island Wild a shot.