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“Our Sound, Our Salmon” protest, organized by Wild Fish Conservancy

“Our Sound, Our Salmon” protest, organized by Wild Fish Conservancy

Call to ban fish farms grows


Galactic Ice prepares to join the flotilla

Crew prep the Galactic Ice as it prepares to join the flotilla.

On Saturday September 16th, 2017 more than 25 fishing and pleasure boats—including our own Galactic Ice—joined more than 100 kayaks to circle a group of Cooke Aquaculture farmed Atlantic net pens located at the South end of Bainbridge Island. The flotilla, organized by Wild Fish Conservancy, rallied around the cry: “Our Sound, Our Salmon.”


The call has been given more urgency due to the recent Cypress Island farmed fish disaster, and public pressure to ban fish farms in Washington is growing. Many people had no idea that invasive salmon is raised in the Puget Sound, nor that the farmed fish industry is largely unsupervised by government agencies.


Protesting Farmed Salmon

This flotilla is the beginning of a movement in Washington, in solidarity with the First Nations occupation of two net pens in British Columbia. The goal is to force Cooke Industries, the largest farmed Atlantic producer in the world, to take these pens out of public waters, and relocate them to land based facilities where they cannot harm our wild stocks, or pollute public waterways.


Here are some links to media coverage of the event:

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