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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping

Superior Wild Salmon

Fraser River sockeye salmon are the fattest, most flavorful sockeye in the world!

What Sets Our Salmon Apart

Flavor in salmon is directly related to how much fat it has. When a salmon leaves the ocean to return to its natal stream, it stops eating and must rely on stored fat for the remainder of its life as it makes its journey home. The farther the salmon has to travel to spawn, the more turbulent the river it must fight against to return to the spawning channel and its place of birth, the more fat it has genetically developed and stored in its body to make the journey. It is that simple. the famous Copper River king salmon of Alaska, this particular population is equipped with an unusually large amount of energy in the form of stored fat, rendering it particularly delectable to its predators, among which I happily count myself.

— Food Arts Magazine