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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping


A fishery that I can stand behind. The flavor I love. The highest quality fish

— Chef Blaine Wetzel, James Beard Award winning Chef at the Willows Inn, Lummi Island

...a guiding light for the way the troubled, mostly unsustainable world of commercial fishing should be headed.

— Seattle Magazine

Beautiful! As always a great product.

— Chris Weber, The Herb Farm Restaurant

… it’s the most eco-friendly way to fish. All bycatch is released by hand and it yields far superior-tasting fish.

— Sunset Magazine

… like the famous Copper River king salmon of Alaska, this particular population is equipped with an unusually large amount of energy in the form of stored fat, rendering it particularly delectable to its predators, among which I happily count myself.

— Food Arts Magazine

I was unsure about serving pink salmon, because of the bad reputation pinks have had in the past, but I was so impressed with them! They are delicate but firm, and retain their moisture when cooked. And they have a wonderful fresh flavor. I’m thrilled to put them on the The Herbfarm’s late-summer menu!

— Chris Weber, The Herb Farm Restaurant

I’ve tasted the salmon at the Herbfarm (lightly roasted inside a squash blossom) and it was so beyond the next-tastiest salmon I’ve ever eaten that I was blown away.

— Jill, Editor of Edible Seattle

Reefnet caught salmon is fish as it should be. The salmon is handled with impeccable care unmatched in any fishery, resulting in a clean flavor and deep red color that is most evident when we cold smoke it. The fishery itself is local, has a long history that is relevant to Puget Sound and is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The only way you could get it fresher is to catch it yourself!

— Rick Cavenaugh, Executive seafood buyer for Metropolitan Markets, Seattle and a pioneer of the Copper River Marketing

Not only do we impress people from around the world with this salmon, we impress ourselves with it every time we pull it out of our ovens. This is the only salmon we will use as it is simply the best and the best is always simple. The manner in which this fish is harvested is again much to be respected. On top of that it is perfectly filleted and pinned as well. Because this product is so superior its success could be nationwide.

— Tim Green, Chef – Wood Stone Corporation

The clear winner.

— According to a 2006 taste test sponsored by Pacific Fishing and Wild Catch Magazine

The boneless, skinless Pink Salmon make a terrific substitute for a cod or halibut in our fish and chips. It’s a menu favorite

— Judy at Lummi Island’s Beach Store Café

We had produced one of the grandest meals I have ever cooked or eaten. And each of us came away with not only a greater appreciation of the best sockeye salmon any of us will ever hope to eat but also a deeper appreciation for life itself.” That’s what chef, author and journalist Greg Atkinson had to say after the evening meal with our Chefs in Raingear program.” Why do so many speak so highly about Lummi Island Wild Reefnet Salmon? It’s simple, they have tried it. Healthy, sustainable, wild, and absolutely delicious -enjoy.

— Greg Atkinson – Chef, Author, Journalist

We love your fish and eagerly await each shipment. We value getting to know the folks who catch our fish and supporting sustainable fishing practices while also building a sense of community here at home. Our group keeps growing as the word spreads!

— Laura and Oran of our oldest buyers club in Michigan

It is an excellent fish, and I can ask them when the fish came out of the water and they can actually tell me. No other salmon is being sold this way.

— John Sunstrum Executive Chef, Earth and Ocean