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Choose a Lummi Island Wild Black Cod Fillet for Your Next Dinner

Black cod fillets are known as “butterfish” for a reason. These delicious, decadent fish have fatty, white meat and a rich, buttery flavor. Though milder than tuna or salmon, black cod has a luxurious mouthfeel that’s sure to impress even the staunchest seafood skeptic.

Lummi Island Wild is proud to offer sustainably sourced black cod fillets. If you’re looking for a main course for your next romantic dinner, or perhaps a showstopping centerpiece to your next dinner party, our fillets make a perfect purchase.


Black Cod from Lummi Island Wild 

Our black cod fillets are among the most popular products we sell here at Lummi Island Wild. These fish are caught in waters nearly 2,500 ft. deep, and they are sourced off the coast of Alaska. Always caught using only a hook and line, this is the best cod you can buy online. The fillets are boneless and skin-on, and they will weigh around 1.25lbs.

We should note that our black cod is different from our Pacific cod. While both known as “cod” and caught in the Pacific Ocean, they are, technically, different fish. Our wild Pacific cod, known as “true” cod,” has a firm, flaky texture and is naturally lean. Our black cod, known as sablefish or butterfish, is more decadent with a velvety texture and large, soft flakes. Both are excellent options, but if you’re looking for a true showstopper, black cod is the way to go.


Our Favorite Black Cod Recipes

While some folks buying our black cod have a specific preparation in mind, others might not be sure where to start. Traditionally, black cod is prepared with miso. This Black Cod with Miso recipe from Food & Wine is one of our favorites. However, if you’re on the hunt for a non-traditional preparation, consider any of these great recipes with fresh cod.


How to Prepare a Black Cod Fillet 

Black cod has a unique texture that may feel foreign to some home chefs. But rest assured – black cod meat is very rich, which makes it nearly impossible to overcook. The high fat content makes this fish an excellent candidate for any type of high heat cooking methods, especially those that encourage caramelization, like grilling, pan sautéing, and broiling. The high fat content in this fish also makes black cod a great option for pureeing into mouses, dips, and fillings. And, if you have a smoker, know that these black cod fillets make a delicious smoked fish.

That said, storing cod properly is nearly as important as preparing it. When you order black cod from Lummi Island Wild, it will arrive frozen and carefully packaged. If you plan to eat your purchase for dinner, you can transfer the fish into the refrigerator, where it will remain safe to eat for up to 7 days. If you want to save your fish for a different time, transfer your purchase into the freezer. Because this fish has a high fat content, it should not stay in the freezer for more than a couple of months.