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How is Black Cod Priced at Lummi Island Wild?

If you’re new to buying seafood online, you may not understand the black cod price from Lummi Island Wild. For those used to buying seafood in the grocery store, our price might be a little higher than what you’d see at Whole Foods or Jewel-Osco. But while our costs could be more than you’re used to paying, we promise – it’s for a good reason. Our black cod is sustainably caught, responsibly managed, and fairly priced, resulting in a meal that feels as good as it tastes.


Our Black Cod Products 

Lummi Island Wild offers a variety of cod products at various price points. However, it is important for us to distinguish between black cod and “true” cod. True Pacific cod is a naturally lean fish with large flakes and a firm texture. By contrast, black cod, also known as sablefish or butterfish, is a fatty, rich whitefish with a velvety texture and buttery flavor. While we have several Pacific cod options, we have just one black cod product.

  • Alaskan Black Cod Fillets – Weighing an average of 1.25lbs, these black cod fillets are sure to be a showstopper at your next dinner party or family meal. Boneless and skin-on, they are delicious with any number of flavor additions – from a miso marinade to simple olive oil and salt.

Like all our fresh seafood products, our black cod ships frozen. Once thawed in a refrigerator, it will remain safe to eat for up to 7 days. Please note that, because black cod has a high oil content, it will spoil faster than other types of fish. We don’t recommend storing frozen cod for more than a couple of months.


All About Our Sustainable Fishing 

We take great pride in our sustainable fishing practices at Lummi Island Wild. All our Alaskan black cod is sustainably long-ling caught, then frozen at sea to retain freshness. Our black cod is a smart seafood choice, according to NOAA Fisheries, and the fish are sustainably managed and responsibly harvested. Black cod are one of the most plentiful fish on the western coast of the United States, making it an excellent choice for the responsible consumer.

Because we leverage our resources into fishing sustainably, you may notice that our black cod prices are a bit higher than what you might find at the grocery store. But, while it may look expensive, the black cod price from Lummi Island Wild isn’t too different from other online seafood retailers. In addition to a delicious, buttery cut of fish, we offer something the others might not: A product you can feel good about. If you want a carefully handled and sustainably managed fish, the black cod from Lummi Island Wild is as good as it gets.


Is Black Cod Price Worth It? 

In a word: Yes. Sablefish is one of the most decadent fish you can buy. A slightly higher price means you’ll get to experience the best black cod the Pacific Ocean produces. And, in addition to buying a great piece of fish, you’ll be supporting sustainable fishing practices for years to come.