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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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Lummi Yummi Gift Box

(4 customer reviews)

Gift your loved ones with a one month supply of the best wild seafood



Now you can gift your friends and family with a single Lummi Yummi Box, with no commitment. If you’ve wanted to try our new subscription program before committing, or have a friend in mind that would love one, now’s your chance! 

The seafood subscription box from Lummi Island Wild is an excellent way to regularly enjoy fresh sustainable seafood delivered to your door step. We make eating for your health delicious and easy with our frozen-fresh recipe-ready portions that are packed with omega 3’s. It’s perfect for pescatarians, athletes or anyone who is nutrition focused and looking to eat sustainably.

Choose between the Wild Salmon Box or the Wild Combo Box and we’ll send it as a gift to your loved one. Or try one for yourself to see what all the fuss is about, and if you like it, you can sign up for the subscription box program and always have frozen fresh seafood on hand!

Our fishers curate each package to ensure you receive a variety of salmon cuts. The fish is caught while in-season and immediately flash frozen. The boxes are designed to highlight the best of what Lummi Island Wild has to offer, so you can eat healthy all year. The Lummi Yummi Single Box is a great opportunity for you to experience the benefits of our seafood subscription program or to give it as a gift.

What You’ll Get with the Wild Salmon Gift Box

  • 6 x 6 oz Salish Sea Wild King Salmon
  • 6 x 6 oz Salish Sea Wild Coho Salmon
  • Free shipping
  • Fresh delivery

What You’ll Get with the Wild Combo Gift Box

  • 4 x 6 oz Salish Sea Wild King Salmon
  • 5 x 6 oz Salish Sea Wild Halibut
  • 3 x Albacore Tuna Loins
  • Free shipping
  • Fresh delivery

Handling Instructions

Your seafood will remain delicious when stored in your home freezer for up to three months. This means you’ll have the flexibility to choose when and how you eat your subscription box catch.

Ships frozen. Keep refrigerated for up to 7 days, or keep frozen.

4 reviews for Lummi Yummi Gift Box

  1. Homer Susan L (verified owner)

    Excellent salmon, swift delivery, great service. I will definitely order again, as soon as there’s more space in my freezer.

  2. Karen (verified owner)

    I purchased as a gift for a friend. She loved it and it did arrive very quickly.

  3. Lourdes (verified owner)

    My daughter and her boyfriend loved the wild salmon from Lummi Island. He made delicious home made Poke bowls!

  4. Rich Melvick (verified owner)

    We had a family dinner with the coho salmon last night. Cooked it with a little bit of olive oil and light seasoning in the oven. Everybody loved it. The fish was so fresh that had almost no odor while I prepared it. Will definitely buy again.

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Upcoming Subscription Box Deliveries the week of:
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May 9th – 13th
June 13th – 17th
July 11th – 15th

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