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Whitefish and Salmon Box | Monthly

(5 customer reviews)

3-4 varieties each month
14 (4 – 6 oz) portions

In stock

$169.00 on the 5th of each month

First payment: 06-05-2024


If you’ve been thinking about trying a fish box delivery service, choose the Whitefish and Salmon Combo Box from Lummi Island Wild. This subscription box brings the freshest cuts of seafood to your door every month. Looking to add to your order for the month? No problem! We are able to add on any items to your purchase that month so you can take advantage of our free shipping. You can pause or cancel your Yummi box at any time. Sustainably caught and recipe-ready, these fish are some of the best you can buy online. Maybe you’re looking for a convenient and reliable source of seafood. Perhaps you want to eat healthier meats and proteins. No matter your reasons for wanting to try fish box delivery, Lummi Island Wild is the best there is.

What the Wild Combo Box Includes

When you sign up for the Wild Seafood Combo Box, you’ll get the freshest selection of fish available delivered right to your door. The charge will appear on your card on the 5th of each month. We’ll ship your box during the second week of the month. Each Wild Combo Box comes with the following products and features.

  • 14 (4 – 6 oz) portions of wild-caught seafood
  • 3-4 fish varieties, including salmon, tuna, cod, halibut, and more
  • Free shipping
  • Fresh delivery

Each month, Lummi Island Wild fishers curate a selection of fish for you to try each month. All of these portions are delicious, fresh, and ready to cook once they arrive. Designed for both convenience and exploration, our Wild Combo Box allows you to cook easy meals while discovering new types of seafood.

Note that this fish box delivery does not contain any shellfish. But, if you’d like to order shellfish separately, you can always find the freshest available at Lummi Island Wild.

When will my Salmon Subscription Box arrive?

Your Subscription Box will ship the week of:

March 11th – 15th
April 8th – 12th
May 13th – 17th
June 10th – 14th
July 8th – 12th
August 12th – 17th

September 9th – 13th

Order before the 5th of the month for delivery the same month. New subscriptions placed after the 5th of the month will start on the following month.

How Are Lummi Island Wild Subscription Boxes Different?

Our customers value freshness and sustainability when buying seafood. Our fish box delivery allows you to experience that more reliably. When you sign up for a Whitefish and Salmon Combo Box, you’ll get fresh, wild, and sustainably caught fish delivered to your door each month. You won’t need to worry about what’s in season. You won’t need to think about whether the seafood is fresh. This subscription box is designed to showcase the best of what Lummi Island Wild has to offer. We only catch what’s in season and then immediately flash-freeze the fish to preserve that just-caught taste. This means you’ll be able to enjoy it any time of year, and it will taste just like the day it was caught. 

Get the Best Fish Box Delivery Available

Starting your Whitefish and Salmon Combo Box subscription is easy. Simply select this box – or the Wild Salmon Box, if that’s more your style – and check out. Then, we’ll catch, box, and ship the seafood to your door. You should expect to receive a shipment notification during the second week of every month. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your monthly delivery to arrive.

We want to make it easy for customers to enjoy reliably fresh and delicious seafood. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our subscription program.

We also make it easy to pause your subscription if necessary. If you’re going on vacation or want a little break, just let us know. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule – convenience is the name of the game! 

5 reviews for Whitefish and Salmon Box | Monthly

  1. WL (verified owner)

    Thank you. We are very happy so far after 3 winter boxes. Delicious and fresh. Ditto Tanya, Jo and Jody above. We have not yet noted any problem with bones. We live in a rural area and would not have fish if not for this option. Our grocery store carries fish but it is not of a quality we desire.

  2. Jody Ford (verified owner)

    The sockeye, black cod and halibut are all delicious and very fresh. I only found one bone in all of the black cod, which is to be expected, much less than I found in grocery-store frozen fish. The packaging is also impressive. The fish arrived frozen solid.

  3. Alice A Fulton (verified owner)

    This did not work for me. First shipment had nice salmon, but packages of small chunks of albacore tuna, and small sablefish/black cod steaks that were full of bones. After reporting my dissatisfaction for small bits of fish at top prices, they made note for the second shipment and it was all nice filets of salmon, halibut and black cod.

    When I cooked the bone-in black cod in some milk-based soup broth I had made, there were so many bones that I was afraid to eat it, fearing I’d missed some. I weighed the remains once I had removed the skin and bones; 21 oz pre-cooked weight, over 10 oz of waste (plus the 8 additional bones I found when I finally got the nerve to eat a serving of my chowder. The black cod had a good consistency, but a fishy flavor (even the day I cooked it – I tasted it, which is another reason I didn’t devour the chowder right away).

    The subscription service is not for me, unwilling to pay top dollar for scrappy fish pieces. I will consider buying other things from this company on occasion, just not monthly.

    • Ian

      Hi Alice, Thanks for your feedback. Yes – watch those bones on black cod steaks! We work hard to catch and offer the best seafood and we back it up with a guarantee that you’ll be happy. We hear you that you did not like the bone-in steaks and appreciate your support on other Lummi Island Wild Seafood.

  4. Jo Munroe (verified owner)

    So glad we joined! Very happy with the combo! Looking forward to our next shipment! Great product, great packaging, and great customer service!

  5. Tanya Bertram (verified owner)

    I’ve received two shipments so far & I’m thrilled! It’s like opening a present on Christmas morning. The selections are curated well & I’m trying fish I probably would not have normally ordered. What a delightfully economical way to add a variety of healthy fish to your diet. I highly recommend this product!

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