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The Best Place to Buy Fresh Salmon Online

Lummi Island Wild is the best place to buy fresh salmon online. Our fish are sustainably sourced and wild caught, resulting in a flavorful, velvety fillet you can feel good about eating. The salmon we sell has a distinctly wild flavor and a naturally high oil content, making this the best salmon you can buy online. Plus, we make shipping and delivery easy, eliminating any headaches you might be anticipating.

Most salmon lovers know that salmon is widely available in grocery stores, seafood shops, and farmers’ markets. But while buying salmon from your local Whole Foods might be convenient, it often comes at a price. For a lower cost per pound, you’ll receive less information about the fish and a lower-quality meal. By contrast, when customers purchase fish directly from Lummi Island Wild, they have more information about their fish and a higher quality guarantee. We think that’s worth a slightly higher price.


Wild Salmon Offerings from Lummi Island Wild 

Wild salmon is a lot different from farmed salmon. When you buy from us, you’re guaranteed to experience a more delicate, nuanced flavor and texture than what you can buy at the store. If you’re looking to buy fresh salmon online, you’re in the right place. Lummi Island Wild has a variety of salmon options to suit every buyer – from the experienced seafood enthusiast with an open wallet to the seafood skeptic who doesn’t want to spend too much cash to try a premium product.

  • Alaskan Coho Portions – Our Alaskan Coho portions are hook and line caught in southeast Alaska. These fish have a gorgeous red-orange color and a rich, traditional salmon flavor. Coho have a slightly stronger salmon flavor than other varieties, making them an excellent choice for nearly any cooking preparation – steaming, smoking, poaching, broiling, grilling, and baking.
  • Wild King Salmon – Our wild king salmon portions have a buttery, rich flavor with velvety flakes and a smooth finish. King salmon is the most decadent variety of the species, so it won’t require much flash and flair in the kitchen. We prefer ours grilled on a cedar plank with just a sprinkling of sea salt. We always recommend a simple preparation to enjoy the fish’s natural flavor. 
  • Baker King Salmon Portions – The Baker king wild salmon portions from Lummi Island Wild have our highest recommendation. These kings are caught by Upper Skagit tribal fishing communities. We work with these local, independent fishers to source the best king salmon we can find. Keep in mind that this micro fishery catch is limited to 500 fish per season, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to eat some of the best king salmon in the world.


Our Fresh Salmon Product Cycle

If you buy fresh salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, you might not find the exact same product when you go to order a few months later. This is because we only sell salmon that is in season. This allows us to guarantee that the fish arriving at your doorstep is always freshly caught. However, this also means that our offerings change throughout the year. Certain salmon varieties thrive in some months, while some prefer other seasons. Check back throughout the year to see the freshest catch from Lummi Island Wild.