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Alaskan Coho Portions

(13 customer reviews)

5 oz Coho (Silver) Salmon Portions – boneless, skin-on

“Epic quality – right up there with Reefnet caught salmon” – Lummi Island Wild Crew


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These wild coho salmon are hook & line caught in Southeast Alaska. Cleaned, catheter-bled, and fresh-frozen as they come out of the sea. Simply put, these are the freshest coho salmon you can eat.

“Epic quality – right up there with Reefnet caught salmon” – Lummi Island Wild Crew

It is with great pride we introduce new partner fishers Joel & Tele on the F/V Nerka. “Driven by quality rather than quantity and with minimal by-catch, trolling is a beautifully inefficient fishery. That’s what we love about it.”- Tele & Joel.

You can see why they’re our kind of fishers. Slow food style, quality focused, and troll-caught Alaskan coho salmon are a “Best Choice” seafood from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Tele and Joel shared more of their story with us: “For coho salmon we move inland, where the cold, clean North Pacific pounds a rocky shoreline crowned with a spruce-scented, seemingly endless green: the Tongass, the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest, “America’s Salmon Forest.” Our companions are humpback whales and herring, brown bears and bald eagles, albatross and orca. This glorious ecosystem, meticulously stewarded with decades of strict conservation-based fisheries management, cultivates abundant salmon stocks. Every day, we marvel at the remarkable gift of having grown up doing this work, giving thanks for the salmon-loving friends who help us make fishing our life.”

More info: Also known as silver salmon, cohos have a red-orange color, with a traditional, rich salmon flavor. Coho eat other fish as well as zooplankton, and have a slightly stronger salmon flavor than sockeye salmon. An excellent choice for grilling, broiling, sautéing, baking, poaching, steaming, and smoking.


Skin-on / boneless portions. Ships frozen. Keep refrigerated for up to 7 days, or keep frozen.

13 reviews for Alaskan Coho Portions

  1. S.E. Martin (verified owner)

    I’m a sockeye diehard. Blown away. Crispy skin, moist flesh. Depth of flavour. Perfect sauteed in ghee.

  2. Wendy Batt (verified owner)

    I didn’t like salmon much until now. Fresh, healthy and delicious!

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The flavor and mouth feel scream fresh and unadulterated fish! No oily, fishy taste. Still working on consuming the order. Just so easy on a week night when everyone else wants meat

  4. Robin (verified owner)

    Packing, shipping and labeling was fine. The coho and king salmon portions were very disappointing. Tried to cook and compare the two types … oven and pan searing, but no luck as they dried out quickly. Sad

    • Ian

      Hi Robin, Thanks for your feedback. We’ve all been there before – overcooking a salmon dish or two. We’ve found the best way is with the “touch test” vs cutting into the piece.

  5. Ty (verified owner)

    I ordered the coho and the king and, pan-seared with nothing but salt and pepper, I actually preferred this!

  6. Jill Perry (verified owner)

    I ordered both Coho and King. The flavor and texture of the salmon is beautiful! It’s the best salmon I’ve had, and I would absolutely order it again. I love the portion sizes (they’re perfect).

  7. Julie Ogdon (verified owner)

    These were delicious even though they weren’t thick like the photo shows. They cook in about half the time as most recipes require due to how thin they are but the texture is good.

  8. Lynn Feeley (verified owner)

    The best salmon, delivery and packaging! Totally will be ordering again.

  9. Derek (verified owner)

    Amazing service with a quality you can taste!
    I’m hooked. 😉

  10. Laura Allen (verified owner)

    These are decent sized portions, and everything arrived in good order and good packaging. I feel the salmon is excellent, and I LOVE that this is a product of the USA. I think the pricing is competitive for the product and the fact that this salmon is very fresh and healthy!

  11. Carol (verified owner)

    I sent thses as agift for my sister. She Loved it!!!!##

  12. Darrel Southall (verified owner)

    These portions are fantastic. The quality, and freshness, of the fish is unrivaled with a rich flavor and color. Though Fedex delayed shipping by a day, the product was well packed and arrived perfectly frozen. We will definitely be trying some of your other offerings as well.

  13. Joy

    Theses Wild Coho Silver Salmon Portions are amazing!

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