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The Best Place to Order Shellfish Online

Order shellfish online to make the most of your romantic dinner or healthy lunch. Shellfish are a fantastic addition to any meal, no matter the season or what you like to eat. Here are Lummi Island Wild, we provide a wide range of shellfish options. This includes everything from spot prawns and scallops to Dungeness crab and coon stripe shrimp. Whether you’re looking to get healthy for the new year or treat your sweetheart to a delicious, home-cooked meal, we recommend you order shellfish online.

Why Buy Shellfish Online?

Buying shellfish online provides customers with unique access to information about fishing methods and catch dates. We take care to give shoppers as much information as possible about their shellfish. For example, our Alaska Weathervane Scallops are harvested and processed on board Jim Stone’s catcher and processor. Our Spot Prawn Tails are caught by Lummi Nation tribal fishers in the cold, deep waters of the Salish Sea. This type of information is only available when you order shellfish online – not when you visit your grocery store’s seafood counter.

Buying shellfish online also provides customers with the opportunity to plan meals with more accuracy. When you look at the Lummi Island Wild shellfish page, it is clear what is and is not in stock. By seeing which options are in season, customers can make better, more informed meal plans. We’ve all had the experience of drafting a weekly meal plan and arriving at the grocery store to see that half the ingredients are out of stock. That won’t happen when you buy shellfish online with Lummi Island Wild.

We take special care to only catch and sell what is in season, and we only partner with trusted fisheries and fishing professionals. Your order will always be as fresh as the day it was caught. 

What to Look for When You Order Shellfish Online

When buying shellfish online, look for information about where and when the seafood was caught. Most Lummi Island Wild products have detailed information about where and by whom the shellfish is harvested. You’ll also want to ensure your provider has a fresh delivery and money back guarantee, like we do at Lummi Island Wild.

With the exception of live lobster or crab, shellfish should always ship frozen. At Lummi Island Wild, we carefully package your order in an insulated container and ship via 2nd Day Air. When your shellfish arrives, you can transfer it to the freezer to maintain freshness or put it in the refrigerator to thaw before eating. Some of our shellfish are pre-cooked, which means all you need to do is thaw (or heat) and eat. Others are flash-frozen aboard the fishing vessel, which means you’ll need to cook them yourself. Individual product pages have more specific information about how to prepare and enjoy different types of shellfish.

Whether you’re hunting for creative Valentine’s Day dinner ideas or want to introduce some variety to your diet, shellfish is an excellent option. Choose from our wide selection and let us know what you think.