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The Best Smoked Sockeye Salmon is from Lummi Island Wild

Smoked Sockeye salmon is a pantry staple. This delightfully versatile fish is great in soups and salads, on quiches and pizzas, with crackers and crudité. The sweet, salty, and smoky taste is just what you need to spice up your meals and snacks.

But what makes a smoked Sockeye truly special? We think we have the answer at Lummi Island Wild. In putting sustainability and transparency at the fore of our business, we are able to produce a smoked fish to be proud of. Whether you’re new to smoked salmon or have been eating it for years, Lummi Island Wild smoked Sockeye is the best smoked fish you can buy.


All About Wild Smoked Sockeye 

Seafood enthusiasts have a lot of thoughts about which fish you should and should not smoke. While we love all types of smoked fish, wild sockeye stands out as an especially good choice. Sockeye’s oil content is higher than other types of salmon, like keta or pink. This allows the meat to more readily absorb the wood smoke. The result is a complex palate of salt, sweet, and fiery flavors. Plus, sockeye salmon has a naturally dense flesh. This lets it stay firm and buoyant during the smoking process.

Fans of smoked fish are sure to love the smoked Sockeye salmon from Lummi Island Wild. This is also a great choice for those who want a decadent smoked salmon without the cost and scarcity of smoked King. To that end, if you see that it’s available, we recommend buying then and there. Our smoked salmon is extremely popular, which means we sell out quickly.


How We Make Our Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Our wild smoked sockeye salmon recipe is both simple and straightforward. We keep our ingredients to the bare minimum, which allows the flavor of the fish to shine through. A light sprinkle of sea salt, a brown sugar rub, and hardwood smoke over alder coals – that’s all you need for the best smoked wild sockeye salmon you can buy online. The smoked fish is then frozen to lock in its flavor and texture. When it gets to your door, it will be fresh and ready to eat.

In the world of smoked salmon, Sockeye will have a slightly fishier flavor than leaner types of fish. Again, this is a result of its high oil content. While the flesh absorbs smoke, the fat content lends a healthy dose of salmon taste. You can taste the ocean in every bite.


Fresh Smoked Salmon Delivery 

All our wild salmon products ship frozen to preserve the meat’s texture and flavor. When it arrives, allow it to thaw for a few hours. Smoked salmon will stay safe to eat in the refrigerator for up to 45 days, and it will last even longer in the freezer. That said, we doubt you’ll be able to last the week before digging into your smoked wild Sockeye salmon order.

Keep in mind that our smoked salmon products make for great gifts. Hardier and easier to store than our other salmon products, smoked Sockeye can be a special treat for friends, loved ones, and yourself.