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Lummi Smoked King Salmon is the Best You Can Buy

The smoked King salmon from Lummi Island Wild is the best you can buy – hands down. Wild salmon’s naturally high oil content makes for the best smoked fish. As the fattiest salmon species available, King salmon takes this to another level, soaking up smoke like no other. As our most decadent smoked salmon option, this fish is sure to spice up your diet – either as a snack, a lunch, or – if you’re really creative – a dessert.

Smoked salmon can fit into any part of your diet. Try it with bagels and cream cheese or shred it over hot pasta. Add it to salad or use it to top a frittata. Olives, orange juice, horseradish, sesame, and asparagus all beautifully complement the flavors of smoked King. But, if you find yourself lacking cooking inspiration, eating smoked salmon right out of the package is perfectly suitable. In fact, that’s how we prefer it.


Should You Try Smoked King Salmon? 

Smoking King salmon may sound blasphemous to some. After all, why would anyone want to mess with the natural flavor of the coveted King? That said, we think King is one of the better candidates for smoking. The high oil content and hardy flesh allow it to stay firm while absorbing lots of smoky flavor. To preserve the King’s natural flavors, however, we keep our recipe simple: Just a pinch of salt and a lot of smoke.

But what makes our King salmon different from other online and in-store options? In addition to thoughtfully preparing this fish, we sustainably source and catch our salmon. So, the $6 pack of smoked salmon you can find at your local Kroger may be cheaper, but it won’t be as delectable as a Lummi Island Wild fish.

We’d also like to point out that King salmon is a great choice for first-time home smokers. The extraordinarily high oil content means the flesh will be able to absorb even a tiny bit of smoke created with a do-it-yourself home smoker. Plus, even if the smoking doesn’t go to plan, you’ll still have a delicious, decadent piece of fish. If you see that our smoked salmon is sold out, grab a fillet of our frozen King and try making it at home.


Our Smoked Wild King Salmon

There aren’t many secrets about our smoked King salmon. We start with the highest quality salmon we can sustainably and humanely find. We then add a pinch of salt and a healthy portion of alder smoke. That’s it. No frills, no fuss, and no disappointments. Our wild smoked King salmon portions are around 4 ounces each, and customers can buy between 1 and 12 portions in a single container.

As with all our salmon products, the smoked salmon from Lummi will always ship frozen. We freeze the fish directly after smoking. This helps to seal in the flavor and texture. When it arrives at your home, allow it to thaw in the refrigerator. Then, when the texture feels right, it’s ready to eat. Keep in mind that our smoked salmon has a longer shelf life than our unprocessed options. It can stay in the refrigerator for up to 45 days – and even longer in the freezer.