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Lummi Island Wild Fresh Spot Prawns are the Best You Can Buy

If you’ve never had Lummi fresh spot prawns, you’re missing out. This food is the equivalent of an extra sweet baby lobster. With supple meat and a fresh taste, our prawns are the best you can buy online – bar none. Even seafood skeptics will love our spot prawns. They don’t have the “ocean” taste you might experience with a farmed shrimp, instead embodying a subtle, clean flavor.

But if you’re buying spot prawns online, freshness might be top of mind. After all, it can be difficult to trust a retailer to send the best products they have. You’ll never need to worry about this with Lummi Island Wild. Our harvesting, freezing, processing, and shipping methods are all thoughtfully designed. We will always be transparent about pricing, sourcing, and availability.


What Are Fresh Spot Prawns? 

Some folks reading this might think that “fresh” and “frozen” exists as a binary. In other words, if something has been frozen, there’s no way it can taste fresh. That’s where we’d like to disagree. We’ve spent years developing flash-freezing methods to carefully preserve our seafood. We freeze our fish as soon as it’s pulled from the icy waters of the Salish Sea or the Alaskan Coast. We process our fish while frozen, and it remains preserved until you choose to cook it. This careful freezing results in a deliciously fresh prawn with a sweet taste and tender meat. You might have purchased frozen prawns from the grocery store, but we promise – our fresh spot prawns taste different.

Product turnover is another way to judge the freshness of a spot prawn. If you’ve shopped with Lummi Island Wild before, you know that our specialty products can sell out quickly. We only fish what is in season, and we responsibly take what the ocean can give to us. This means that any fish you buy from us – whether you’re in the mood for salmon, halibut, or prawns – is freshly caught. We’re not a business that has frozen fish lingering on our shelves for very long. With us, you can rest assured that your spot prawns are as fresh as possible.


How to Store Fresh Prawns

We should also point out that prawns have an interesting shelf life. When frozen, they can last for up to six months in a freezer. But when thawed, they only stay good for around 36 hours. Even if you live close to a coast, it is likely that every shrimp you’ve eaten has been frozen at some point. But not every prawn provider is transparent about their freezing methods. With Lummi Island Wild, you’ll always know where your fish comes from, how it’s processed, and when it’ll arrive on your doorstep.

Our fresh spot prawns are a great option for a midday snack, a decadent lunch, or a pre-dinner appetizer. When your spot prawns arrive, immediately transfer them to your freezer. We recommend thawing them immediately before you plan to cook. This will ensure they stay fresh until the minute they hit your dinner plate.