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What We Factor into Our Spot Prawn Price

If this is your first time shopping for seafood online, our spot prawn price might feel like a surprise. Depending on whether you purchase our spot prawn tails or our whole spot prawns, you’ll likely pay between $27 and $42 per pound. For some, this may feel like a low price to pay for the best spot prawns you can buy. For others, the pricing might seem a little unusual.

We want all current and potential customers to know that we take care to set our prices responsibly. When you order seafood from Lummi Island wild, you’re investing in sustainable agriculture, ocean stewardship, and a delicious dinner. Still, we want hesitant customers to know what their money pays for. We’ll walk you through what affects the prawn price we set every year.


Wild vs. Farmed Spot Prawns

We’ll start with the easiest factor: Wild vs. farmed seafood. Most of the prawns and shrimp you purchase at a grocery store are farmed. This is the cheapest way to source shrimp, and it often results in a very low price. However, a low spot prawn price comes at a greater cost. Around 90 percent of the prawns eaten in the United States is imported, and most international shrimp farms operate in places that commonly use environmentally destructive practices. Long supply chains also contribute to environmental impact. Those buying farmed shrimp, either online or at the grocery store, might save a few dollars in the moment, but that cost is offset by geological harm.

That said, there are a few other benefits to buying wild spot prawns. They just taste better. Wild-caught shrimp are sweet, succulent, and buttery. Plus, the fishers at Lummi Island Wild flash freeze each catch. The seafood remains frozen throughout processing and shipping. The result is a delicious shrimp that tastes like it was caught just minutes before eating. Even if the sticker price is higher than you expect, you can’t go wrong ordering a pound or two of our spot prawns.

We’d also like to point out that wild spot prawn prices are pretty uniform in the industry. While we think our prawns are the best, other online retailers also sell wild shrimp. If you do enough research, you’ll find that per-pound rates for wild prawns vary very little, especially after factoring in the cost of shipping.


Prawn Processing and Shipping 

Part of our spot prawn price reflects the care we take when processing and packaging our seafood. We’ve spent years figuring out the best way to preserve our fish so that it’s fresh when your order hits your doorstep. When you order wild spot prawns, they’ll ship frozen in a cooler packed with dry ice. We ship via 2nd Day Air, and all orders over $125 ship free. Plus, customers can select their preferred shipping and receiving days during checkout.

So, what are you getting when you buy Lummi Island Wild spot prawns? A delicious, sustainably caught, responsibly harvested, and thoughtful product. We think that’s more than enough to keep you around.