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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping

Try the Best Salmon Delivery Service Online

If you’ve been wondering where to buy fresh seafood, look no further than the Lummi Island Wild subscription box. Our Wild Salmon Box ensures you receive 12 portions of salmon shipped to your door each month. You’ll get 2-3 types of salmon fillets that rotate depending on what’s in season. Fresh, sustainable, and delicious, this salmon subscription is the best available.

Lummi Island Wild fishers curate these boxes monthly. This ensures you get a variety of the freshest in-season portions available. Plus, all included portions are recipe ready. You won’t have to skin, debone, or prepare the fish in any way – just toss it into a pan (or oven, or grill) and let the heat do its thing.

Our Favorite Types of Salmon

Lummi Island Wild is known for salmon. Reefnet-caught and sustainably sourced, our wild salmon are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our Wild Salmon Box highlights the best of what we do. The offerings in our Wild Salmon Box aren’t limited to these three types of salmon, but they’re some of our favorites. You can expect to see them arrive in your salmon delivery service during the year.  

  • Coho – Coho salmon is a staple in our refrigerators at home. These fish have a subtle flavor and a firm but flaky texture. This is a perfect salmon for seafood newbies because it has a milder taste and accessible texture.
  • Sockeye – Sockeye salmon has an unmistakable red flesh and a deep, rich flavor. While not as fatty as King, Sockeye packs a punch with its dense texture. It’s perfect for high-heat cooking methods, like baking and grilling.
  • King – King is the most expensive and sought-after type of salmon out there. Known for its recognizably buttery flesh, King salmon has a silky texture and full fish flavor, all with a hint of sweetness. This is the most coveted type of salmon for a reason – it’s among the best there is.

Of course, we know that not everyone only wants salmon in a subscription box. If you’re looking for a bit more variety, check out our Wild Combo Box. This is a good option for folks with broad seafood tastes or those who want to explore different types of fish.

How to Sign Up for Our Salmon Delivery Service

Signing up for our Wild Salmon Box is easy. Simply add the product to your cart and check out as usual. You’ll see a charge appear on your card on the 5th of each month. Then, we’ll ship out your box during the second week of the month. If you ever need to pause or stop your subscription, just let us know. Subscriptions are meant to be simple and reliable, so we’ll ensure you have the convenience you need.

If our salmon delivery service boxes are sold out, sign up for our wait list. We’ll send you an email when more Lummi Yummi subscription boxes become available. And, in the meantime, consider checking out our other salmon products. From smoked Sockeye to wild King fillets, we have everything you need to enjoy fresh salmon this month – even if you’re on the wait list for a subscription.