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The Top 4 Seafood Gift Boxes from Lummi Island Wild

Seafood gift boxes are the perfect holiday treat, and we at Lummi Island Wild have just what you need. In addition to selling individual portions of sustainable and delicious seafood, we’re proud to offer a variety of samples, medleys, and combos. These packages combine some of our favorite products in one convenient bundle. If you’re looking for seafood gift boxes this holiday season, these four options from Lummi Island Wild should be at the top of your list.

  • Seafood Lovers Medley – This gift box includes a variety of our favorite offerings – Weathervane scallops, spot prawns, wild king salmon, and keta Ikura. Curated by the Lummi Island Wild’s team of self-expressed “seafood snobs,” this combo has everything a fish lover needs, even ikura wild salmon caviar. 
  • Smoked Salmon Combo – Some people only like smoked salmon, and that’s quite alright. For the smoked salmon lover in your life, consider our Smoked Salmon Combo box. You’ll get 4.5 lbs of ready-to-eat salmon – everything you need to craft exquisite charcuterie boards, bagel sandwiches, and stuffed pastas. This option includes a variety of sockeye, keta, and bulk sockeye. 
  • Large Non-Perishable Sampler – When it comes to seafood, it’s important to have a few shelf-stable options in the mix. This sample pack, which includes wild salmon chowder, albacore tuna cans, albacore tuna ventresca cans, and smoked salmon pouches, can fill your pantry for a few months. Enjoy these offerings on-the-go or as a last-minute lunch during a busy workday. 
  • Sashimi Lovers Combo – Everybody loves sushi, and sometimes, you want to enjoy it from the comfort of home. This combo box brings together some of our favorite ingredients to help you make delectable sushi rolls in your own kitchen. You’ll get coho salmon, albacore tuna, keta Ikura, and smoked sockeye.

Want More? Try a Subscription.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend, just one box doesn’t always cut it. If you’re interested in recurring seafood gift boxes, check out the Lummi Yummi subscription offerings. We have a box for salmon lovers and a one for people who like a little more variety. These subscriptions make for wonderful gifts, and they can last as long as you want. Just let us know if you want to pause or cancel the subscription at any time, and we’ll take care of the rest. See that we’re out of stock? Sign up for a waiting list. We’ll send you an email when more subscriptions become available.

Get the Freshest Fish Available from Lummi Island Wild

We take a lot of pride in the fish we catch and sell, and we have a hand in all the fish we source. If you’ve tried purchasing anything recently, you’re probably aware of the supply chain issues affecting global commerce. These issues are affecting seafood purchasing around the world, and many companies are encouraging customers to put their holiday orders in as soon as possible. While we’ll always encourage thinking ahead when it comes to shipping, you won’t find any supply chain issues here. We source sustainably, sell sustainably, and only catch what’s in season. If you’re creating seafood gift boxes this holiday season, Lummi Island Wild is the clear choice.