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We are a sustainable fishery because we use an ethically sound method of supplying seafood without damaging an ecosystem.

Solar Powered

In 2007 we launched our pilot solar powered reefnet boat, making Lummi Island Wild the first solar powered wild salmon fishery in the world! Now our Reefnet fleet is fully retro-fitted and every salmon we bring to market is caught using power exclusively from the sun. The solar upgrade was made possible by a partnership with Alpha Energy and itek Energy -proudly building solar panels that are ideal for the Pacific Northwest’s varied climates. They helped distinguish Lummi Island Wild as the model for sustainable salmon fishing. Healthy, sustainable, wild, and solar powered!

“reefnets stand out as the original and still the best in selective fishing.” and “the most selective fishing gear available.” – Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife

Ultra Low Bycatch

Reefnetting has almost ZERO bycatch mortality -meaning for every 200 non-targeted or protected wild salmon we catch and release, one will die. No other fishery approaches such a sustainable level. We have been awarded the highest rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. After a successful catch, reefnet salmon are gently rolled into a live well, having been out of the water for only seconds. This gives us an extremely high success rate for releasing non-targeted species unharmed. The reward, in this case, is seeing them swim away.