Truly Sustainable Seafood
from the Salish Sea

Why We Reefnet

Wild Salmon and Our Story

Thanks for joining us on our mission to catch and source only truly sustainable wild salmon and seafood from the Salish Sea and Alaska. Together we will eat and live well and assure that quality seafood is around for many generations to come. Not only do we work every day to bring you the finest quality seafood from the Salish Sea and Alaska, we are also devoted to making sure that anything we do, and anyone we do business with, is truly and totally sustainable.
Our Story with
Lummi Island Wild - Why Our Story is so Important.



These are influential people from many walks of life who believe in reefnetting and Lummi Island Wild as fervently as we do.

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Buyers Club

This is a way for neighbors and friends to order our seafood together, to receive discounted shipping and pricing.

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