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Wild Cod

Buy Wild Cod Online from Lummi Island Wild 

Wild cod is among the most popular types of whitefish. With flaky, snow-white flesh and a firm, lean texture, cod is a great option for bakes, barbeques, and soups. Cod is often available year-round, and it carries the Marine Stewardship Council blue label, meaning it is certified sustainable. If you’re shopping for a true crowd pleaser, cod is an obvious choice.

But folks looking to buy wild cod online might not know where to start their search. We’d like to make a case for Lummi Island Wild. With multiple cod products, a commitment to sustainability, and unparalleled transparency, we know we are the best place to buy wild cod online. Plus, according to FishChoice, the best Pacific cod is caught with long line and frozen aboard the fishing vessel. This is the exact method we use here at Lummi. For a high-quality fish you can feel good about, order cod online from Lummi Island Wild for your next dinner.


Wild Cod Offerings at Lummi Island Wild 

Lummi Island Wild is proud to offer a variety of cod options. Whether you’re looking for something lean and simple, like our Wild Pacific Cod, or something a bit more decadent, like Sablefish, we have what you need. The black cod price will appear to be a lot higher than the Pacific cod, but they are sold in different weights/sizes. Plus, all our cod is sustainably caught and harvested, and all our fish is processed while frozen to ensure freshness. Browse our more popular options below before deciding to buy wild cod online. 

  • Wild Pacific Cod: Our Pacific wild cod is a lean, mild fish perfect for frying, grilling, and baking. The fish has a firm texture and clean flavor, which makes it a great option for those new to whitefish. Plus, with a naturally low fat content, this fish will last for months in your freezer. Buy wild cod online and enjoy premium whitefish for months.
  • Black Cod Steaks: While not technically cod, black cod is often grouped in with Pacific cod. Also known as sablefish, black cod (butterfish) has a decadent, buttery meat. With a smooth, velvety texture and large, milky white flakes, it’s no surprise the sablefish black cod is hard to come by. If you see our Black Cod Steaks in stock, we recommend buying immediately. This fish is so popular that it is often sold out, and it is difficult to predict when we’ll have it back in stock.

Remember that, while often grouped together, black cod and Pacific cod are different fish. While they may have similar flavor profiles, their textures are quite different. This means you’ll want to adjust your recipes and preparations accordingly.


How to Cook Cod 

Cod is a naturally lean fish, which means you will have to keep a close eye on your heat and timer while cooking. While the fish’s texture is firm and hearty, its flesh is prone to overcooking. If you’re new to cooking wild Pacific cod, we recommend starting with a poaching or steaming recipe. Dry-heat methods, like baking, broiling, and grilling, can lead to overcooking. By contrast, techniques that both protect and add moisture will preserve the fish’s texture and flavor. If you buy wild cod online but need some meal inspiration, we recommend trying any of these recipes.

If you’re cooking our black cod fish, you’ll need to adjust your recipe. Black cod is a high-fat fish, which means it can stand up to dry- and direct-heat methods, like sautéing. We like our sablefish pan-seared with just a bit of oil until golden brown and crisp on each side, around 4 minutes each. Serve with a fresh crack of black pepper and a lemon wedge. Note that our black cod filets are typically 18-24″ long, so it can often require a bigger cooking pan.


How Lummi Island Wild Delivery Works 

We think we’re the best place to buy wild cod online, but you’ll have to see for yourself. All our fish is processed and remains frozen for the duration of its time with us. To keep your purchase fresh, expect your cod to ship frozen and packed with dry ice via 2nd Day Air. When it arrives, you can either transfer it to the refrigerator to thaw or keep it frozen in your freezer. Remember that Pacific cod and black cod have different fat contents, which means their freezer safety times will be a bit different. Pacific cod will stay safe to eat for between 6 and 8 months, whereas black cod will only stay good for around 3 months. In both cases, your fish will remain safe thawed in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.