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Buy Pacific Halibut Online from Lummi Island Wild

Our Pacific-caught halibut is the best you can buy, and perfect for your seafood dinner ideas. Yielding large fish and sweet, lightly salty meat, Pacific waters have produced the best meals we’ve ever eaten. Halibut is an excellent option for both seafood lovers and newcomers, with its subtle flavor and crowd-pleasing texture.

Wild-caught halibut from these waters is also always a smart seafood choice, so you can feel good when you buy pacific halibut online. Lummi Island Wild takes this environmental responsibility a step further, utilizing local and historical knowledge to develop the most sustainable sourcing techniques possible. This results in a better-tasting fish and a more ecologically conscious purchase. If you want to buy Pacific halibut online, Lummi Island Wild is your best option.


Our Wild Pacific Halibut 

Lummi Island Wild halibut is sourced from Pacific waters. We sell a couple of halibut products, all wild-caught in different areas on the Pacific coast. There are a few differences in sourcing location, fishing method, and product size, allowing you to choose the type of fish that matches your exact needs.

  • Alaskan Halibut – Our Alaskan halibut is a weeknight dinner staple in many of our homes. Sweet, mildly salty, and delicate, these fish are caught in southeast Alaska. Our Alaskan halibut portions are boneless and include the skin, weighing around 6oz total. This is our most accessible halibut option, so we recommend stocking up when it’s available.
  • Salish Sea Halibut – This is the best halibut you can buy online, hands down. The fish is harvested exclusively by tribal fishers in the Salish Sea. The result is a gorgeous flavor and texture you’ll have to try to believe. Our Salish Sea halibut has a short, 3-week season. If we sell out, you’ll have to wait until next year to place your order.

We at Lummi Island Wild prioritize quality and sustainability above all else. This means we only source responsibly. Halibut season typically runs from March until November, but our use of sustainable methods result in a much shorter season. If you want to buy Pacific halibut online from Lummi Island Wild, make your purchase when you see it’s available.


What to Expect When You Buy Pacific Halibut Online 

As with all our wild-caught fish, our halibut will arrive frozen in an insulated container. If you buy a smaller portion to enjoy for a special meal, transfer your fish from the container to your refrigerator. This will allow the halibut to safely thaw. If you plan to save your halibut for more than a week, keep it in the freezer until you plan to eat.

Despite its flaky texture, halibut is a relatively lean fish. This means it will last in your freezer longer than most other types of wild-caught fish – between 6 to 8 months, depending on your storage situation. If you’re in the market to buy wild Pacific halibut online, we recommend stocking up when we have it. These fish are popular, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.