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Fresh Halibut for Sale from Lummi Island Wild

The halibut for sale from Lummi Island Wild is the best you can buy online. We catch halibut from several locations along the Pacific Coast, selling only what is in season. All our fish are sustainably sourced, but our halibut remains one of the top products among our customers. This crowd-pleasing fish is mild, delicate, and easily prepared, making it a great choice for seafood enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Buying halibut for sale from Lummi Island Wild guarantees a perfect meal, so get your order in while this fish is still in season.

Our Halibut Options 

Our halibut is lean, mild, and sweet. With pure white flesh and a firm but tender texture, the halibut for sale from Lummi Island Wild are sure to be crowd pleasers. In fact, this fish is so popular that we regularly run out of stock. If you see the halibut product you want to buy, make your purchase as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until we head out to the ocean to fish more.

We offer two types of halibut for sale: our Alaskan halibut and the Salish Sea halibut. While both are the same cut of the fish, the products are slightly different.

  • Alaskan Halibut – This halibut is sourced in southeast Alaska on the F/V Middleton, one of the most recognizable fishing vessels in the northwest fleet. These just-caught cuts are blast frozen to lock in taste and texture. Our Alaskan halibut comes in single serving, 6oz, skin-on and boneless pieces, making it great for a dressed-up weeknight dinner or a Sunday family meal. Halibut’s low oil content means it can safely remain frozen for 6 to 8 months, so this is a good fish to bulk buy when it’s in stock.
  • Salish Sea Halibut – This is the best halibut we’ve ever tasted, hands down. Our Salish Sea halibut is sourced by local tribespeople in the Salish Sea. The fishing season lasts just three weeks every year, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. This premium white fish makes the perfect celebratory dinner, whether you’re commemorating a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary.

Praise for Lummi Island Wild Halibut 

We know that we have the best halibut for sale online – we don’t need to convince ourselves of that. But if you’re trying to decide on a purchase, you might not be sure where you should buy. If our commitment to sustainability, high-quality fish, and transparent sourcing isn’t enough to sway you, we hope that our customer reviews can shed some light on the Lummi Island Wild Experience.

Katie Bohanna (verified owner) – 10-11-2019 (Salish Sea Halibut)

Unbelievable flavor!! Buying it again!

Mehry Khosravi – 11-03-2019 (Salish Sea Halibut)

This halibut is the best, no fancy grilling or broiling. I marinated with salt and pepper, olive oil, lemon juice and a bit of crushed safran. Baked in oven for 20 minutes and voila.

Tab Murphy (verified owner) – 02-07-2020 (Alaskan Halibut)

WOW! The Alaskan halibut is literally the BEST I’ve ever had! Amazing packaging, perfect portions and so easy to make! Thank you, Lummi Island Wild!