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What Should I Expect for Salmon Caviar Price?

The salmon caviar price differs by salmon species and provider. These eggs are rich in both flavor and nutritional benefits. They are sought after all over the world for their unique “popping” experience. Factors like bead size, texture, and egg maturity can affect the price of ikura caviar. Salmon caviar is typically less expensive than other types of roe, like osetra, sevruga, and kaluga. In many cases, this difference has to do with availability rather than quality.

When shopping with Lummi Island Wild, you should expect to pay between $59 and $79 for a 17-ounce package of salmon caviar. We also have smaller size options available, like a 7-ounce tray. No matter your budget or tastes, you’ll find a salmon caviar price that works for you at Lummi Island Wild.

Is Salmon Caviar Expensive?

The salmon caviar price is notably lower than black caviar. Black caviar, which comes from sturgeon, is harder to obtain and is generally less available. By contrast, salmon caviar is far more abundant, especially in the United States. It is important to note that price differences between types of caviar don’t often have anything to do with the quality or taste of the product. Instead, they indicate how rare or hard-to-get a product may be.

There are several different types of salmon caviar, and each has its own price point. Generally speaking, ikura chum salmon caviar roe will be the most expensive. The flavor is fresh and clean, and the eggs have a crisp, refreshing pop. Ikura king salmon caviar roe is often grouped in the same price category, as it has a similar textural and flavor experience. For those looking to try ikura caviar without a high salmon caviar price, ikura coho salmon caviar roe and ikura pink salmon caviar roe are available at a more accessible cost.

How to Make the Most of Your Salmon Caviar Purchase

The signature salmon caviar pop is a notoriously ephemeral experience. Once a caviar container is opened, the eggs will begin to dry out. Over a couple of days, this will cause the caviar to lose both its flavor and its prized texture. Buyers should note that caviar will remain good to eat for up to seven days after opening, but we recommend eating your purchase soon after opening – generally within three or four days. This will ensure that you get the refreshing, unique experience you deserve.

The short salmon caviar shelf life can make it difficult to buy this product in bulk. We are proud to offer caviar in three sizes: 1.1lb bulk trays, 2.2lb boxes, and 7oz trays. If you eat caviar often, you may think that the 2.2-pound box is the way to go. However, unless you can consume 2.2 pounds of caviar within a few days, we recommend that caviar enthusiasts instead buy several 7-ounce trays and store them in the freezer. This will help preserve the product’s flavor and texture while still allowing you the ability to have caviar whenever you like. Remember that we offer free shipping on orders $125+.