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The Best Salmon Roe for Sale of 2022

If you’re looking for salmon roe for sale, you’ll find plenty of options in 2022. Salmon roe is among the most accessible types of caviar. With a clean taste and interesting textural experience, salmon roe has been rising in popularity in recent years. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and has unlimited uses in the kitchen – from creating flavorful garnishes to providing a quick and healthy snack.

Not all salmon roe is created equal. In fact, most of the salmon roe found online is farmed. This impacts the flavor and consistency of the roe, and it can be damaging to the environment. We at Lummi Island Wild are proud to offer salmon roe that is harvested from wild-caught fish in the Salish Sea. While there are no wrong ways to eat salmon roe, there is certainly a right way to buy it.

Salmon Roe for Sale from Lummi Island Wild

We are proud to offer a variety of salmon roe options. This is some of the best salmon roe for sale you’ll find in 2022, but that’s just our opinion. If you don’t believe us, you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Here are some of our favorite Ikura caviar offerings.

  • Ikura Pink Salmon Caviar Roe – This roe has a fresh and clean taste with a juicy finish. With a medium dry consistency and mild pop, pink salmon caviar is a great introduction to roe. These eggs are around 3.5mm in diameter and are produced with a custom 2.6% brine. This preserves the clean flavor without adding too much sodium.

  • Ikura King Salmon Caviar Roe – This Ikura caviar has a high-salt finish with a medium-dry and thicker consistency. They have a light pop and a bright orange-red color. This roe will have a stickier mouthfeel than other options.

  •  Ikura Chum Salmon Caviar Roe – These large eggs measure around 5mm and are plump and mature. They offer a consistent, crisp pop and a low-salt finish. Our chum salmon caviar has a sticky consistency and clean flavor.

  • Ikura Coho (Silver) Salmon Caviar Roe – This deep-red caviar has a light and clean flavor with a medium-dry consistency. The eggs typically measure around 3mm and have a slightly sticky finish.

Most of our salmon roe offerings are available in 1.1-pound trays, 2.2-pound trays, and 7-ounce packages. Our roe ships frozen via 2nd Day Air. We offer free shipping on orders over $125, and all customers can choose their shipping/receiving days during checkout. If you’re looking for a stellar product and unparalleled customer support, choose the salmon roe from Lummi Island Wild.

How to Use Ikura Caviar

Salmon roe has dozens of uses in the kitchen. Home cooks need only to defrost the caviar and enjoy – no extra preparation is necessary. We at Lummi Island Wild have a few favorite ways to eat salmon roe. If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, consider adding your caviar to sushi, canapes, or with crème fraiche, salmon lox, and dill as an appetizer. Salmon roe is also delicious on its own, added to unsalted crackers, or atop Russian pancakes, also known as blini. If you’re interested in the salmon roe for sale at Lummi Island Wild but don’t know how you’ll use it, rest assured: There are unlimited options.