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Fill Your Freezer $10/lb SALE

(14 customer reviews)

We have added more premium items to the sale.  Ready, Set, Go!

Until everything sell out.


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Our Fill Your Freezer event is back! Fill your freezer for just $10/lb. We’re offering our frozen fresh seafood that doesn’t meet our exact size spec or is otherwise overstocked. We’ve also just added some of our premium items. All of our seafood is backed by our money back guarantee, so order up and stock that freezer during our best sale of the year!

We will update the list below, and items will no longer appear in the drop down menu above, as they sell out. Everything will sell out by the end of this event – first come first served. Sale ends 5/6 at midnight.

Smoked Sockeye Trim and small piece: 1 lb vac packs

King Salmon Boneless Fillets: 2-5 lbs vac pack fillet, (2 LB Minimum order), Orca Safe Salmon

Reefnet Caught Keta Boneless Portions: 3-5 oz portions, 1 lb of individual vac pack portions – SOLD OUT

Salish Sea Halibut Portions: 3-5 oz portions, 1 lb of individual vac pack portions, boneless  SOLD OUT

Pacific Cod Portions: 6 oz portions, 1.125 lb of individual vac pack portions, boneless, skinless – SOLD OUT

Reefnet Caught Keta Boneless Fillet: Pale Meat Color, 2-3 lb vac pack fillet, $10/each – SOLD OUT

Smoked Keta Salmon Trim and small pieces: 1 lb vac pack – SOLD OUT

Smoked King Salmon: 4 x (4 oz) vac pack portions in 1 lb order – SOLD OUT

Coho Salmon Boneless Portions (Silver Salmon): 3-5 oz portions, 1 lb of individual vac pack portions. – SOLD OUT

Coho Salmon Boneless Pieces (Silver Salmon): under 3 oz pieces in 1 lb vac pack – SOLD OUT

Sockeye Salmon Boneless Portions: 3-5 oz portions, 1 lb of individual vac pack portions. – SOLD OUT

Sockeye Salmon Boneless Pieces: under 3 oz pieces in 1 lb vac pack – SOLD OUT

Spot Prawn Tails: Our prized Salish Sea Spot Prawns (Tails only, shell-on) – 1 lb box – SOLD OUT



Ships frozen. Keep fish refrigerated for up to 7 days, or keep frozen. Shellfish should be kept frozen. Smoked Salmon can be kept in your fridge for 45 days after thawing.

14 reviews for Fill Your Freezer $10/lb SALE

  1. Connie Berry

    We were overjoyed with all the wonderful seafood and great pricing! Not to mentiin the samples out front. Thank you Lummi Island Wild!

  2. Robert Keller (verified owner)

    That was the best deal on seafood I have seen in a long time. I was able to purchase for my friends at work and they have really enjoyed the product.

    We are going to make it a “thing we do” every year ( and yes… I know prices may never be that good again…)

  3. nancy.strahl (verified owner)

    Exceptional value and freshest fish! Thank you for sharing your “Fill the Freezer” promotion with friends. Incredible customer service when I called with a question about my order. Sure hope I can be there in person next year for your community event. Keep up the great work doing sustainable fishing. You have “educated” me on reef fishing. Thank you for preserving the environment and local fisheries. I will order again. I love the individual portion packages…perfect for meal planning.

  4. Pat Hayes (verified owner)

    Wonderful halibut (and salmon and ahi)!! Thank you for your care in catching, packaging, and freezing these delicate local fish for our pleasure. (The smoked salmon is wonderful, too)…

  5. Daniel Schaeffer (verified owner)

    My family always loves your fish. Thank you for providing these at such great prices! You’re helping my family be healthier and I thank you!

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and value! It was nice to come in last year for the samples out front and to pick our fillets. We were a little disappointed with some of the random cuts we received this year. But they still taste great! Thank you for the great deals.

  7. Tais (verified owner)

    Very like smoked salmon , good quality

  8. Kristin (verified owner)

    Very happy with the salmons we received in the fill your freezer sale. The smaller portions and pieces are perfect for chowders and smoked salmon pate. The order arrived very quickly (I am in Tennessee) and was well packaged.

  9. Chris B

    So grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Fill Your Freezer sale. I’ve bought through a buying club for a number of years so I knew that the quality was superb. The prices were great, customer service was terrific and getting the seafood in two days with free shipping was much appreciated as well – I was able to start enjoying the salmon right away! Thank you for all your efforts to bring us such great quality product.

  10. Bob Perinetti (verified owner)

    So far everything has been excellent. The smoked king salmon is out of this world.

  11. Joseph Flynn (verified owner)

    Fantastic fish.

  12. superjet3 (verified owner)

    I had ordered sockeye salmon but it arrived very much partially thawed out. But your customer service rep was outstanding and shipped out another order and had made arrangements for extra dry ice to be packed in the order. I live in Texas so that was a good idea and the friendly helpful attention she gave me was incredible. What a team you make. YOU ROCK!

  13. Dorothea Eichhoff (verified owner)

    What a great deal on seafood! Thank you very much.

  14. Dorothea Eichhoff (verified owner)

    Delicious fish! Thank you.Dorothea Eichhoff

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