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Fish Bone Broth

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5-7 lb bag of salmon heads and bones for bone broth


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This kit provides seafood lovers with an easy way to order fish bone broth online. Rather than buying pre-made broth, which can be full of preservatives and added sodium, our customers can make their own with Lummi Island Wild discarded fish parts. This kit comes with 5 to 7lbs of salmon heads and bones, allowing you to order fish bone broth online in a way that is both healthy and sustainable.


How to Make Fish Bone Broth?

The best answer to this common question is to avoid store-bought fish bone broth. Instead, make your own stock at home. Until now, the hardest part of the process has been finding a place to buy fish bones and heads. Our fish bone broth kit makes it easy to get everything you need right here.

Before you order your fish bone broth kit online, make sure you have everything you need. In addition to fish parts, you should include a few pounds of vegetables. Most veggies will work, but carrots, celery, potatoes, and onions are traditional. You’ll also need a stock pot large enough to cook everything at once, as well as a mixture of herbs and spices to add flavor.

Once you have everything you need, the actual cooking is simple. Simmer the vegetables in your stock pot for around 20 minutes, then add the fish bones and heads. Submerge everything in water and simmer for around 50 minutes, taking care to avoid overcooking the broth. When done, enjoy warm or freeze into portions to use while cooking stews, soups, and other seafood dishes.

Newer cooks might want more detailed instructions for making fish bone broth. There are a variety of recipes available online, but we prefer this one from Dr. Kelly Ann. Bon Appétit also has an easy fish stock recipe that we’ve enjoyed. Don’t bother to order fish bone broth online – making your own is quick and simple.


Handling Instructions 

Our fish heads and bones ship frozen to help preserve their flavor. These bones will keep well in the refrigerator for up to seven days, and they can remain frozen for several months. However, we recommend making your broth soon after the delivery arrives. Even if you choose to use the broth later, it’s easier to make and freeze the liquid than to preserve the bones.

Fish bone broth is extraordinarily easy to cook on your own. If you have the scraps and bones necessary to make it, you won’t need to order fish bone broth online – just make it yourself. You’ll be sure to taste the difference.

1 review for Fish Bone Broth

  1. Art (verified owner)

    The best head I ever had!

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