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Smoked Wild Keta Salmon

(4 customer reviews)

4 oz Smoked Keta Salmon – Ready to Eat


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Our Smoked Wild Keta Salmon is perfect for picnics, car trips, sporting events, and everything in between. We take our wild-caught Keta, add sea salt and non-GMO brown sugar for a traditional brine recipe. A light hardwood smoke retains moisture and lets you experience the fresh flavor. The result is a delicious, complex smoked salmon sure to improve any dish – from bagels and lox to pastas and salads.

These 4 oz portions are vacuum sealed and ready to eat. They make a great healthy snack for people on the go and a fine ingredient over pasta for dinner. Plus, Lummi Island Wild is the best place to buy smoked salmon online. We provide free shipping on large orders, a money back guarantee, and a fresh delivery guarantee.


Exploring Smoked Salmon with Keta 

Keta salmon has a strange reputation among seafood lovers. Also known as chum, silverbrite, and dog salmon, the fish has a firmer and coarser texture than other species. Its flesh ranges from light pink to orange, and the flavor is milder than other types of salmon. When compared to other, more expensive options – like king and sockeye salmon – keta provides a slightly different experience.

However, this does not mean keta salmon is of a lower quality. The difference between salmon types is oil content. King salmon has a high oil content, which creates a stronger taste and lighter texture. Keta salmon has a lower oil content, resulting in a leaner fish. This translates to a lighter flavor, which has its own benefits. Those who are new to smoked salmon, or folks who want a bit of salmon flavor in a meal, will love our smoked keta wild salmon for its delicate flavor and firm texture.

An excellent addition to any meal, our smoked wild keta salmon is perfect for seafood lovers and skeptics alike. If you’re in search of the best place to buy smoked salmon online, look no further than Lummi Island Wild.


Handling Instructions – Smoked Salmon 

The best place to buy smoked salmon online isn’t necessarily the most expensive retailer. It’s the company who provides a high-quality product. Our smoked wild keta salmon ships frozen but is ready to eat after thawing. Customers can keep this salmon refrigerated for up to 45 days and longer in the freezer.


Keta Salmon, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Hardwood Smoke.

4 reviews for Smoked Wild Keta Salmon

  1. Lige Christian (verified owner)

    I am 84 years old and have eaten a lot smoked salmon.This is best smoked Keta salmon that I’ve ever had. It is moist with a light salmon flavor that is surprisingly pleasant. Most Keta available commercially is dry with a somewhat hard texture. This product does not have the same flavor as the Sockeye or King salmon, but it is a very nice alternative. This is a premium product.

  2. Sarah

    The smoked salmon was delicious and amazing! There was a problem with our first delivery but the customer service folks handled it promptly and professionally. We’ll definitely be buying from here again!

  3. Rebecca Otte-Ford (verified owner)

    I like your salmon! This batch was tasty, and I love your business model. I just wish we could get it with less packaging. Is it possible for you to a) have larger portions, or b) for people buying it a box at a time, have just one label instead of a million boxes? Thanks!

    • Sierra Montoya

      So glad that you’re loving the salmon! And we hear you on the packaging. We do offer an option with just one label instead of in the retail boxes, but sometimes we run out of those and will use our retail packages to fulfill the order. Thanks again for this great feedback.

  4. john (verified owner)

    Overcooked, Flesh was tough and dry.

    • Ian

      Hi John, We pride ourselves on a traditional smoked salmon recipe, but sounds like we didn’t meet your expectations. Our guarantee is “Love it, or your money back” – so we’ll be making this right. Thanks for your feedback on our smoked keta salmon.

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