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Salmon Frozen Fresh for Home Delivery

Salmon thawing tips

Our Salmon Is Frozen Fresh For Delivery

Our wild salmon is frozen just minutes after being caught, which helps preserve the fish’s flavor and texture. The fish is then processed and shipped while frozen straight to your door step. When you are ready for dinner, pull the recipe ready salmon portions from your freezer to thaw and enjoy at your cooking convenience.

How to Thaw Frozen Salmon

Plenty of time? Defrost your salmon in the fridge over night. In about 24 hours it should be completely defrosted and ready to cook.

A little bit of time? Thaw your salmon in cold water. Fill a large bowl of cold water and submerge it in the bag. It will take about half an hour for the salmon to defrost, depending on its size and thickness.

No time and low energy? Cook your salmon straight from the freezer! You can cook frozen salmon on the stove, bake it in your oven, or event put frozen salmon in your airfryer.

Cook OR Bake your Salmon Frozen

Is it okay to cook your salmon from frozen? Sure, we do it all the time! Not everyone has the time or energy to perfectly thaw salmon like a top chef. Cooking your salmon from frozen can create a delightful sear whether baked, air fryed or on the skillet.

Keep premium salmon on hand with our seafood subscription box

LUMMI ISLAND WILD  delivers the highest-quality sustainable salmon straight to your doorstep with our monthly salmon subscription box. Our salmon arrives frozen in recipe ready portions for you to toss in your freezer and cook at your convenience. Make healthy and easy meals packed with flavor and omega 3’s!

Our PNW solar powered fishery is celebrated of of the most sustainable fisheries in the world and our salmon is celebrated for its great taste!  We are making superior quality seafood delivery a hands-off experience with our monthly seafood subscription boxes.  Order your Lummi Yummi monthly seafood subscription box or give one Yummi Box as a gift to a friend or loved one!