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We Ship Dungeness Crab Right to Your Door – Lummi Island Wild

We know this is a controversial opinion, but we think Dungeness is the best crab money can buy. Sweet, easy to eat, and with a buttery flesh, these crabs are the perfect meal for seafood lovers and skeptics alike. This is the most common crab in the western Pacific, and it is a sustainable seafood. This means Dungeness crab is always a good choice, as there are few risks – if any – of overfishing.

Importantly, Dungeness has a higher meat yield than any other crab. Around 25 percent of the crab’s weight is decadent, delicious meat. That number is a lot lower for other types of crab. This is just one of the reasons why Dungeness is a great choice for your next meal – whether it be a crab omelet, crab cakes for lunch, or a whole boiled crab for dinner.

But with so many Dungeness crabs available, which retailer is the best? We might be biased, but we believe Lummi Island Wild provides the best service, the best shellfish delivery experience, and the best product out there. We’ll show you what we mean.


How Does Lummi Island Wild Ship Dungeness Crab? 

Our crabs may be pre-cooked, but they will always ship frozen. We typically freeze our seafood before processing, which helps to lock in flavor, but we’ve found that crustaceans travel better when frozen after a quick cook. This allows the meat to retain its delicate texture and flavor. The result is a crab that tastes as though it was just pulled from the icy ocean waters.

All our frozen seafood ships with dry ice, which helps keep your order cold throughout its journey. We ship Dungeness crabs Monday through Wednesday, except for holidays, via 2nd Day Air. The less time your crab spends in the air, the less likely something is to go wrong – and the faster you’ll be able to enjoy your meal.

If you’d like to customize which day your crab is delivered, you can select a shipping/receiving day at checkout. Please keep in mind that we cannot control shipping delays or if your crab arrives earlier than expected. Still, if anything goes wrong, know that we offer money back and are more than happy to help in any way we can.


What to Do with Your Crab Order 

We ship Dungeness crab to a variety of customers. Some are professional chefs who know exactly what they want to make with these crabs. Others are burgeoning home cooks who might need a bit of inspiration to get started. All the Dungeness crab we ship comes pre-cooked and frozen, which means you won’t have to spend much time preparing them. We prefer a simple boiled crab with butter, but if you want something a little more exciting, here are a few suggestions.

We also have our own How to Cook Dungeness Crab page to help you out. Our pre-cooked crabs are great in crab cocktails, pastries, stuffed pastas, crab cakes, and eggs benedict. You can’t go wrong when we ship Dungeness crab to your home.