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Order Dungeness Crab Delivery from Lummi Island Wild

Crabs are a very versatile shellfish, but few have the universal appeal of the Dungeness crab. These crustaceans are some of the most valuable on the west coast of North America. With a mild, sweet, and slightly nutty taste, Dungeness crabs are sure to please even the staunchest seafood skeptic. The meat is tender yet firm, which means they can stand up to most cooking methods.

If you’re looking to get Dungeness crab delivery, look no further than Lummi Island Wild. Our Dungeness crabs are pre-cooked and frozen. This almost eliminates the need for any additional kitchen prep. Just thaw, boil, and you’re ready to eat. Shellfish delivery has never been easier, more streamlined, or more transparent.


Why Choose Lummi Island Wild?

Lummi Island Wild is proud to provide delicious, sustainable products. We respect the environment in which we catch our fish. Our Dungeness crabs are naturally sweet and moist, making them a popular choice for a weeknight dinner, a small dinner party, or a romantic evening at home. If you’ve never had Dungeness crab before, we think it tastes a little like lobster meat, just more tender. Plus, these crabs travel well, making them extremely easy to order.


How Does Dungeness Crab Delivery Work? 

Our Dungeness cooked crab comes in one size. All crabs will be between 1.75 and 2lbs, and customers can choose to order three or five at a time. All Dungeness crab meets the free shipping threshold, so you won’t need to worry about added shipping costs.

Our Dungeness crabs ship frozen directly from the source. They are packed with dry ice and will ship Monday through Wednesday, excluding holidays, via 2nd Day Air. This ensures they get to your home in perfect condition. Select a shipping/receiving day at checkout to customize when you want your order to arrive.

If you want to eat your Dungeness crab delivery as soon as it arrives, allow the crabs to thaw on the counter or in the refrigerator. After a quick, 4-minute boil on the stovetop, they’ll be ready to enjoy. If you’d prefer to save your purchase for a later date, these crabs will remain safe in the freezer for up to four months.


Our Customers Love Our Products 

We know that online seafood retailers are all vying for a place in your refrigerator. There’s only so much we can tell you about our shellfish delivery and sourcing methods. We think the better test of character is to read reviews from customers themselves. If you’re thinking about ordering Dungeness crab delivery from Lummi Island Wild, here are a few satisfied customers. 

Carolyn David (verified owner) – 05-16-2020 (Dungeness Cooked Crab) 

Both the Dungeness crab and the smoked salmon were delicious! The crab tasted fresh, and I particularly liked the smoking of the salmon. Perfect! Glad we still have some in the freezer for another few meals. Thank you for quality products.

Susan Walsh (verified owner) – 11-17-2019 (Dungeness Cooked Crab)

The Dungies were delicious. Tasted like we pulled them right out of Puget Sound today!