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Get Reliable Fresh Seafood Delivery Boxes from Lummi Island Wild

Fresh seafood delivery is easier with a Lummi Island Wild subscription box. Each month, we’ll send you a hand-curated selection of the freshest seafood we have. We have two options – one that includes just salmon, and another that offers other types of fish. Whether you’re trying to eat healthily, want some variety in your diet, or are in search of fresh, sustainable seafood, our Wild Salmon Boxes or Wild Combo Boxes are excellent choices. If we’re sold out at checkout, sign up for our waitlist. We’ll let you know when more boxes are available.

Our Seafood Subscription Box Options

We currently offer two options for fresh seafood delivery subscriptions: One with just salmon, and another with a mix of seafood options. Neither box includes shellfish. See below to learn more about your options.

  • Wild Salmon Box – This box is perfect for salmon lovers. Each month, you’ll get 12 portions of salmon. We’ll include 2-3 varieties each month, like King, Sockeye, and Coho. This allows customers to taste different types of the fish, adding a little excitement to the monthly delivery. 
  • Wild Combo Box – Our Wild Combo Box is great for those who want to experience a few types of seafood. Each month, you’ll get 14 portions of fish with 3-4 varieties. This can include salmon, halibut, tuna, cod – whatever is freshest during that time of the year.

In addition to getting the freshest seafood reliably delivered to your home, folks who sign up for these boxes get free shipping. If you sign up, please note that you will see the recurring charge appear on the 5th of each month. We’ll send your box during the second week of the month.

Why Try a Lummi Yummi Box?

There are a lot of reasons why people might want to try fresh seafood delivery. Some folks might be interested in a healthy lifestyle change. The types of fish we include in these boxes are nutrient dense. They’re full of protein, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, allowing you to eat healthily during the month.

Other folks might be interested in the convenience of a monthly subscription delivery. We’ll charge your card on the same day, and we’ll send your box around the same time each month. This will help you know when to expect the shipment.

But most seafood subscription boxes are healthy and reliable, so what makes the Lummi Yummi boxes different? For one, we’re committed to sustainability and transparency. With us, you’ll only get fish that has been sustainably harvested. We’re stewards of the waters we fish, and we’re working to ensure these seafoods stay around for generations to come.

But, perhaps more importantly for our subscription box customers, we care about your convenience. If you want fresh seafood delivery each month, that’s what we’ll give you. If you want to pause your subscription for any reason, just let us know. Sourcing groceries, especially high-quality seafood, can be tough, but we make it easier. Plus, our wild-caught fish just tastes better.